I may have attacked my husband the first time I dabbed some Dude No. 1 from MCMC Fragrances on his neck. It’s that good. And when I dabbed their Hunter eau de parfum on my neck, I was attacked in return. The best Father’s Day gifts, in my opinion, involve that kind of selfless dedication. Oh, wait. I mean selfish.

I first discovered MCMC Fragrances as a sample in a Bergamot box. When I realized that two of my favorite fragrance samples this year were from MCMC, I had to contact them for more information on Father’s Day fragrances. Turns out they recently turned their bestselling, all natural Dude No. 1 beard oil into a cologne, and let me tell you: it’s fantastic, with none of that alcohol-heavy nose burn that makes me cringe at the perfume counter.


MCMC Men's fragrance for Father's Day - Hunter scent

Dude No. 1 starts off with a spicy peppercorn and ginger top note, then dries down to a delicious mix of cedar and sandalwood that keeps me sniffing until I’m lightheaded. Oh, and my husband likes it too. If you’re worried about synthetic ingredients, this scent is 100% natural.

Other scents worth trying: Hunter smells like a cabin in the woods during a blizzard, all lovely, cool firs and a dry-down of boozy bourbon vanilla and tobacco that somehow stays crisp. It’s very unisex and smells fantastic on my husband, but again, I’m selfish. I kept this one for myself. I’m also a fan of Love and Maine.

Let’s just say if  I’m four for four on their men’s scents, that’s a big deal for a fragrance snob like me.

Find Dude No. 1 and Hunter at MCMC Fragrances which make great Father’s Day Gifts.  You an also order fragrance samplers, with 7 scents for $50. 

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