“Dear baby: on the day you were born, we ate ice cream with your name on it. It kind of stopped the shower when my water broke, but I finished the whole cup of mint chocolate chip, darn it. And it was delicious. Because it was named after you. And because mint chocolate chip.”

File that under Things That Would Be Hilarious In a Baby Book.

It’s no secret that we love eCreamery, so we’re especially excited that you can now order your delicious, custom-churned spoonfuls of heaven in a pack of 24 customized ice cream cups, just for baby showers. Of course it can also make your next birthday, anniversary, or Bastille Day celebration extra special too. Because unless your name is Ben or Jerry, chances are you’ve never had your own, bespoke ice cream. Very fancy!

Right now, you get up to 17 characters for your message–see if you can get more creative than It’s a Girl!–and choose from six different flavors including my personal favorite, Sea Salt Caramel. Quick, somebody get pregnant so I can order them!

Order customized ice cream cups from eCreamery for our baby shower or other event. Each party cup order includes 24 cups and takes up to three business days to custom churn and ship. Also check out the new pregnancy announcement ice cream with labels like “We’re pregnant!” and “Eating for Two.”