So I’ve officially entered the phase of life when I’m willing to try and find the best skincare for aging skin. Fortunately, 22-year olds in LA do the same thing, so I’m in good company. And recently I found an impressive professional line called Le Mieux which happens to make a really nice everyday facial moisturizer in the Le Mieux Collagen Peptide Serum for those of you not beyond “investing” in skincare.

Actually it’s a moisturizer/serum combo, and if you’ve ever been to a fancy aesthetician who urges you to use both on your skin daily, you know that that’s a nice time-saver.

The luxurious Collagen Peptide Serum is designed to take on wrinkles, fine lines, and facial sag (oh noes!) by actually increasing the production of collagen, which you start losing in your mid-20s. Though I can’t vouch for that process personally, it does contain high-quality, tried-and-true ingredients like Vitamin A, peptides to help boost cell function, and absolutely no parabens, sulfates or petroleum products.

What I can say for sure is that I really like how my skin has been looking since using it over the last several weeks. It feels moisturized but not greasy, I haven’t had any breakouts (which sometimes happens when I switch products), and overall the tone of my skin feels more even. I’m still keeping an eye on those fine lines to see how that works out.

Le Mieux Collagen Peptide Serum for anti-aging: review on Cool Mom Picks

The bottle is spendy at $85 (I know!) or $77 through Amazon, though that’s relatively reasonable in the world of professional beauty products. Plus, the 30ml bottle will totally last you; it’s concentrated enough that just a teeny pump from the pretty silver cylinder is plenty for the day. It also absorbs rather quickly, and never feels greasy; I can start getting my makeup on just a minute later, no problem. I can see why it gets such high marks from beauty editors and pro makeup artists.

I only wish there were some kind of little stopper on the container so I can travel with it. I’d hate to even lose one little dollop of this stuff in my carry-on bag. Which is to say, I really like it. And I want to try more from this line for sure.

Learn more about the  Collagen Peptide Serum from Le Mieux online at their website, purchase it at My Skincare Box, or through our affiliate Amazon for $77 plus shipping through third-party sellers. Thank to Le Mieux for providing a sample for review.



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