We are big fans of Project (RED) here at Cool Mom Picks, so we’re really excited to eat out in June (zomg it’s June already) in support of EAT (RED) DRINK (RED). From June 1-10, restaurants, all those trendy food trucks, and bars around the country are teaming up with this amazing organization to give a portion of their sales to the outstanding Global Fund to Fight AIDS.

There’s even an amazing growing movement of social media photo shares, with the requisite hashtags, to get everyone spreading the word in fun ways.


#NOMsie #eatred #drinkred photo from @_lil_bunny_ on Twitter

With life-saving antiretroviral drugs costing a mere $.40 per dose–that’s the kind of change most of us can easily lose in our couch–this will add up to a lot of support for people in extreme poverty who need it most. In other words, $.40 may not be a big portion of your drink tab, but to them, it can do a ton of good. My feeling is, enjoy a great meal and spend what you can afford to. This is one dinner out–or 30–that could really change someone’s life.

Check the Project (RED) website to find a restaurant, food truck, or bar supporting the EAT (RED) DRINK (RED) campaign. Also, follow #86AIDS and #NOMsie (that’s a selfie with food, don’t you know) on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to catch up with participating restaurants chefs, and other diners and follow the campaign @RED.

photo: @_lil_bunny_ on Twitter