Okay, so M is actually for Monkey in this set of flash cards for kids, but X really is Xantus–Xantus’s Hummingbird, to be exact. We’re stunned by the modern, gorgeous, high design illustrations on these Animal Alphabet Flash Cards by illustrator Paul Lee.

Hey, we’re just impressed that someone finally found a real animal that starts with X.

Lee, a father of two, originally designed the cards for his own kids, but we’re so glad he made the pack available for the rest of us. Whether you want posh cards to teach your own little monkeys the alphabet, need a stunning gift for a new baby, or agree that these cards would be gorgeous matted and framed on a nursery wall, we think they’re one of the most original and posh alphabet card sets we’ve ever seen.


Modern design Animal Alphabet Flash Cards by Paul Lee and Giantsuper | Cool Mom Picks

Each set comes with 26 velvety, smudge-resistant cards, all in a pretty magnetic box, too. In this case, X is also for Exquisite. Or wait, I guess that’s E. Maybe we need some flash cards.

Buy the modern Alphabet Animals Flash Cards at our affiliate, Amazon.

[thanks morgan!]