We adored Lille Huset’s eco-friendly, laminated, recycled paperboard DIY dollhouses the moment we discovered them at Toy Fair  earlier this year. Founder Alyson Beaton’s mission is so wonderful: to encourage kids to build and customize their homes, not just play with preexisting ones. Besides, they’re beautiful.

Lille Huset’s dollhouses come flat-packed so that you can actually dissemble them whenever they aren’t being used to sit in a bookshelf, not in pieces all over your house. Each kit also comes with accessory pages that will keep your child busy personalizing their home with window boxes, wall hangings, and other decorative touches that make dollhouses so fun in the first place.

Plus we appreciate the diversity of the characters in terms of how they look and dress–although your kids can easily add their existing Minifigs, play animals, or Playmobil characters as kids tend to do anyway.

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Lille Huset DIY Victorian dollhouse | Cool Mom Picks indie shop

Lille Huset modern primrose cottage DIY dollhouse

Lille Huset modern DIY dollhouse | Cool Mom Picks indie shop

Lille Huset DIY dollhouse | Cool Mom Picks indie shop

Depending on your little decorator’s tastes in architecture, you can choose between Lille Huset’s Victorian Logan home, their Primrose English cottage, or the super-contemporary

Or hey grab a few kits all at once and your child will have the most interesting street on the block.