If a dollhouse is on your kids’ holiday wish lists, don’t forget to include some dollhouse dolls so that they can get right to the business of playing (while you clean up wrapping paper).  But unlike dollhouses which come in lots of different styles, from modern to Victorian, portable to we-are-never-moving-this-thing-again, many dollhouse families you’ll find in the stores are sorely lacking in diversity.

So we’ve pulled together a whole population of diverse dollhouse dolls so that you can find a family that looks just like your own — or even just to add some diversity to your child’s dollhouse neighborhood.

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Diverse dollhouse dolls | Little Forest Kids

Little Forest Kids’ adorable handmade peg dolls can be designed to look just like your family, so you can mix and match complexions, hair color, or genders if you have, say, two moms in your home or are of Asian descent. I also love that they’ve considered families who have a parent, relative, or neighbor who is gets around in a wheelchair, with their “Dolls Like Me” line of peg dolls .


Diverse dollhouse doll family | Pottery Barn Kids

Made of wood and featuring bendy arms and legs, Pottery Barn Kids’ diverse Miller Family dollhouse dolls feature such cute embellishments like headphones, bubbly pigtails, and a painted necktie and pearls on the dad and the mom. I love that the mom doesn’t look like she’s just sitting around cleaning the house in those pearls. Besides, they look way cooler than my family ever has.

Diverse Dollhouse Dolls for kids | Plan Toys

For a more classic, unembellished dollhouse doll family, Plan Toys’ smiling, posable dollhouse families can be found with brown, black, and pale skin as well as Asian complexions. But even though their outsides look different, inside, they are all the same — as in, made from safe, eco-friendly PlanWood.

Diverse dollhouse dolls | Little Muslim Dolls

Entirely hand painted and entirely charming, Little Muslim Dolls on Etsy offers handmade peg dolls that be customized to match your family or friends’ skin tones and fashion, whether their dress is traditional, contemporary, or a mix of both. So go ahead and give Mom a pink hijab and bedeck her clothing with tiny flowers. Or add a cool Batman symbol or favorite sports team logo on the front of a child’s tee-shirt. It’s fun to create ones that look just like your own friends and family members.

Diverse dollhouse dolls | Differently abled dolls by Lakeshore Learning

Along with having dollhouse families representing multiple ethnicities, Lakeshore Learning carries this line of dollhouse dolls with differing abilities. It’s a great way to teach your kids about all the many kinds of people they will meet in this big world, if they haven’t already —  or to represent someone in your own family or circle of friends in a more realistic way.

Diverse dollhouse dolls | Scribble Bot Studio

If your family has two dads, two moms, or is a single-parent family, it’s not easy to find a ready-made dollhouse family like your own. But the custom hand-painted peg doll families from Etsy’s ScribbleBot Studio come in many different pairings, or you can simply order your own set to even more closely match your crew.

Diverse dollhouse dolls | Hape

Hape’s large family of inclusive wooden dollhouse dolls have soft hair and clothes on their bendable frames. With a set of grandparents, parents, and two kids (or a set of older parents with four kids, says this writer who is going quickly gray), there are plenty of dolls here to share with lots of playing hands.

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Diverse Dollhouse Dolls | Fashionable Dolls

Strikingly minimalistic, these Waldorf-style diverse wooden dollhouse dolls from Fashionable Dolls have the cutest little tufts of hair, adding something special to the normal bald dome of a peg doll. Plus they are just the right size for a mini dollhouse or to take along on road trips. And affordable, too!


Diverse Dollhouse Dolls | Timo Handmade

This beautiful line of diverse, handmade miniature soft dollhouse dolls from Timo Handmade are all one-of-a-kind, just like your own family. Created in Israel and crafted from recycled fabric scraps to somehow look both timeless and modern, each soft doll can stand on its own during playtime or while on display on a dresser.