We’ve mentioned the amazing work of Postpartum Progress before, but if you’re not familiar with it, this is a good time. Katherine Stone’s blog-turned-full-fledged-nonprofit has grown into a true force for change, helping the hundreds of thousands of women around the world who suffer from the most underdiagnosed, underdiscussed, underfunded and undertreated women’s ailments in the the world.

It is, quite literally, a lifesaver.

So we’re so pleased to be able to wish Postpartum Progress a happy 10th anniversary this week.


Katherine Stone: Iris Awards 2014

Katherine Stone at the 2014 Iris Awards, accepting for Industry Influence – Philanthropic Work

In that time, it’s amazing what she’s achieved. Notably, this year saw the sixth annual Mother’s Day Rally for mothers’ mental health; an annual Climb out of the Darkness fundraiser on June 21; and recently, the launch the first ever Warrior Mom Conference in Boston for survivors of perinatal mood and anxiety disorders. It’s designed to celebrate recovery, build community, and help build skills for awareness and advocacy to help other mothers. And while it’s a whole year away, the Warrior Mom Conference already has a waitlist for 2015  tickets.  Not surprising if you know Katherine.

(Add your name if you’re interested – slots tend to open up over time.)


Postpartum Climb out of the Darkness: Warrior Mom Danielle

Warrior Mom Danielle, via Postpartum Progress Facebook page

If nothing else, if you’re in need of help, be sure to check out their private Smart Patients online community which is totally confidential and offers a safe space for asking questions and getting information.


Liz Gumbinner, Katherine Stone, Titania Jordan, Kristen Chase

Liz Gumbinner, Katherine Stone, Titania Jordan, Kristen Chase

So congrats from Cool Mom Picks to Katherine and the entire Postpartum Community. With one in seven pregnant or new moms suffering from perinatal mood or anxiety disorders – several moms among our own Cool Mom ranks among them – we know first hand that what Katherine does deserves all the recognition it can get.

Especially because she’d be the first to shine the light on someone beside herself.

For advice, help, community and information, read Postpartum Progress, and  follow the non-profit organization on Facebook and Twitter