I’ve learned that when kids are afraid of the dark, a nightlight can be their best friend. And have you ever seen a friendlier, cuter lamp than this Little Cloud Lamp? This adorable night light might be just what I need to get my scared-of-the-dark, light sleeper daughter to quit waking me up at 2 AM. Every. Single. Night.


Adorable night light designed by FriendsWithMe

Adorable nightlight: The LIttle cloud Lamp

The Little Cloud Lamp was designed by an art duo out of NYC called FriendsWithUs, who have worked with Pharrell, and I think this piece has the same infectious happy vibe as his hit song.

Even though it’s adorable and perfect for kids, it really is a piece of art and is sold in the US by the Paul Kasmin Gallery which is why it’s not priced like a regular old nightlight. However it does work like one: If you like your room really bright, you can set the lamp to the bright white setting, but I’d set it on the warmer dim light for my kids at night.

FriendsWithUs calls this lamp a symbol of unconditional love–a sweet thing to tell my daughter to think of when she wakes up scared at night.

Buy the Little Cloud Lamp in the US at PK Shop for $230. It’s a limited edition, so hurry.  It’s also available in Europe at Scout and Co Kids. If you buy there, note that the lamp has a European two-pin plug and you’ll need a  converter to use it in the US. 

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