As we get ready to send our girls back to school–some of us sooner than others (ahem, Kate in Nashville)–we are so happy to see the trend of science themed tees for girls hitting the bigger retailers, like Lands End. The space tee for girls that they offer, which features a cool solar system design, really is only “for girls” in that it’s got a more narrow, contoured fit with scalloped hems and shirring at the shoulders.

The NASA Crew tee for girls is also kind of cool for future Sally Rides.  And yes, there are some space tee designs that get a little more traditionally glitzy too, like the sequined Saturn tee for girls which I want to make fun of just a little–but I have to admit that my science and sequin loving daughter will probably beg me for it once she sees it.

Space tees for girls - solar system tee at Lands End

NASA Crew space tees for girls at Lands End


Science tees for girls at Lands End - sequin Saturn tee

And psst…if you don’t care about the scalloped neckline, check out the boys section too for lots of cool science tees that girls will also love. That glow-in-the-dark rocket blueprint tee is pretty darn awesome. And it doesn’t make it seem like real rockets have hearts or rainbows on them, either.

Check out the space tee for girls at Lands End, and get free shipping off orders $50+. CMP is an rstyle affiliate.