I admit I never used to be much of an air freshener person. For years, nice candles did the job. But with kids and pets and did I mention kids? Yeah. I’m a convert. That said, I am super sensitive to scents, and I don’t want to spray my home with chemicals trying to simulate the smell of a pina colada or a pumpkin pie.  However if I buy fancy boutique stuff, it kills me to catch the kids playing with it. Which they do.

I figure our friends at Method Home know that too, because they’ve just expanded their line to include Method air fresheners.

It’s a smart premise: Nice scents, non-toxic ingredients, bottles pretty enough to keep out in the bathroom or kitchen, and a planet-friendly new delivery system. Basically each bottle is filled only with the room spray–not propellants or CFCs–then powered by compressed air. This creates a continuous spray and less guilt.

You can even see through the packaging to know just how much is left inside which totally beats shaking an opaque metal bottle and guessing.

Method Air freshener: Method French Lavender Air Freshener in a planet-friendly bottle

I tried out a few of the scents and they’re quite nice. Clover smells like freshly cut grass and I love it around the house. The Tangerine is a little sweet for my tastes, but the Lavender is really lovely, and that can be a hard scent to get right. I’m dying to try the Beach Sage since Method always does a good job with their herbal scents.

Just know they aren’t super high-powered air fresheners, so if you’re used to something like Febreze for masking litter box odors, this isn’t it. But for just freshening up the house or taking care of the lesser bathroom violations it does the trick just fine.

Since my kids know that lavender keeps away monsters and bad dreams, I expect to keep a bottle in their room too. Just know that there are no lids on Method’s air fresheners, so those little fingers may be extra tempted to give the cat–or each other–a squirt.

Find Method air fresheners in five scents exclusively at Target.com or in Target stores. CMP is an rstyle affiliate. 

By the way if you haven’t checked out their new limited edition fall scents, I strongly recommend the Method Rice Mallow Soap which smells as awesome as the preppy-cool package design.