It’s the first day of fall, and I can’t believe it but we’ve already broken out the cool weather pajamas this past weekend for the kids. The ones they wanted to wear first?  The beautifully soft, pima cotton pjs from Little Twig and Sparrow. I can’t really blame them either.

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I have been incredibly impressed with the quality and fit. Several spins through the washer/dryer and these long john style kids pajama sets still look and feel as good as new. I’m not even worried about the kids having impromptu Jedi light saber fights before bed in them, since they have all the durability of your favorite kids’ playwear. But I think it’s the designs and subtle color combos that really sold my kids.

At a time when it’s really hard to find kids sleepwear that isn’t limited along traditional gender role themes and colors, the kids pajamas from Little Twig and Sparrow are based on solids like navy or chocolate, with contrasting colorblock patches in colors like red, yellow and green. There’s also a very muted purple or a dusty pink which each feel slightly feminine, but not “girlie girl”, as my youngest daughter would say.

Sizes start at 12mos for babies and run all the way up to size 10, with prices starting at $40 (the velour accents cost a little more). It may seem a lot if you usually buy from big box stores, but these are definitely more luxurious kids pajamas, and at that, the kids pajamas you’ll get more than a few years out of. Especially if you order a size up.

Kids pajamas in soft pima cotton from Little Twig and Sparrow

Stretchy, pima cotton kids pajamas at Little Twig and Sparrow

I must say the sizing tends to run towards the long and lean. The 8 fits my smallish nine-year-old perfectly, and even suits her seven-year-old sister, though we can squish up the legs so they don’t run too long–something you can’t do with traditional wide-legged pajama bottoms. Then again, she does like to pull the legs back down over her feet and run around screaming, I’M A PENGUIN! I’M A PENGUIN.

Also, why they are now referred to as “The Penguin Pajamas” at our place.

While the pjs are sorted into girls and boys categories, I’d say don’t limit yourself. There doesn’t seem to be anything about the “boys” pajamas that would preclude a girl from wearing them and hey, if your daughter likes bolder colors, she’ll just have more choices. I’m all for choices.

For really cute kids pajamas, visit Little Twig and Sparrow. Even better, click through here and a a $10 per pair discount code will be automatically applied to your order for a limited time, plus free shipping! Thanks to the company for sending Cool Mom Picks several pairs for review.

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