I don’t travel light. It’s hard to with two kids and an affinity for shoes, which is why a neck pillow is one of those useful travel accessories that never really make it into my carry-on. For the first time I’m reconsidering, now that I’ve discovered the new Sleeper Scarf, which reinvents the travel neck pillow and looks way better than those garish things in the airport gift shops.

Essentially it’s an inflatable neck pillow, only smartly hidden inside an infinity scarf that you can wear any time.

Sleeper Scarf stylishly hides an inflatable neck pillow for travel

The Sleeper Scarf sounded a little As Seen On TV-ish to me when I first heard about it, but when I tried it out, I realized just how clever it is. The scarf itself is a soft cotton/spandex mix–simple, cute and comes in black, grey, pink and blue. But the genius lies in the hidden pillow that’s easily accessed through a zipper behind the neck. Blowing it takes just three breaths, then deflates with the press of a button.  After your travel time is over, you can remove the pillow and voilà, you’ve got a cute scarf. And I can always justify packing an extra one of those.

Shop the Sleeper Scarf with a built in inflatable neck pillow for travel for $65 online at Sleeper Scarf. Note that some styles are back ordered for several weeks.

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