No matter how cool technology gets, there’s something to be said for a good old-fashioned 3D movie in which a shark tries to bite off your head. If I remember correctly, my first 3D movie was JAWS, which actually explains a lot. For my kids, it was Brave. And they were hooked, too.

If your family loves a movie experience that includes paper glasses, this cool 3D shelf from our pals at Jellio would look fantastic on your game room wall or even in a cool kids’ room. It’s made of acrylic and features shelves mimicking the bright red and blue of old school 3D glasses. It’s not cheap, like all the made-to-order awesomeness at Jellio, but it is one heck of a conversation piece.

It does not include a giant shark or a bear trying to eat your head, but you can definitely display a smaller replica on the shelf.

Find this 3D Shelf at Jellio. Until October 24th, all products are 20% off. Spend more than $1000, and they’ll send you a free Gummilight, which is a gigantic light-up Gummi Bear. I’m totally not kidding.