I tend to think that making my kids’ Halloween costumes is a great idea. I also tend to be wrong. Not only does it always take way much time than I have, but it can end up being every bit as expensive as buying something. My 9-year-old is feeling like maybe a full costume isn’t cool anymore, so this year I’m helping him plan a simple Halloween costume around a really exquisite mask like these gorgeous handmade Halloween masks I’ve been admiring on Etsy for the last few weeks.

As for my daughter, she still wants an elaborate costume, but maybe she can use one of these masks as inspiration. Meanwhile, I’ll be happy to tell everyone that my kids’ costumes are handmade. Only not by me.

Above: handmade fur animal masks by Spirit Parade

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Snowy Owl mask at Sundries & Plunder

I’m a little bit obsessed with the handmade beauty of the Leather Snowy Owl Halloween mask at Sundries and Plunder. In fact, the entire shop is breathtaking. Check out the bunny, at top, and the fox and bear masks too. Stunning.  (Note: The shop is on break right now)

Fox fur Halloween mask at Spirit Parade

My kids have finally quit singing What Does the Fox Say? (annnd, there it is again, in my head), but they still think this handmade fox fur mask by Spirit Parade is cool because it’s so realistic. I’m thinking it would make a pretty cute interpretation of the classic Robin Hood cartoon on my preschooler. They have matching tails too!


Unicorn Halloween mask PDF pattern at OxeyeDaisey

Owl Halloween mask pattern PDF at OxeyeDaisey

These handmade masks are just too good to pass up, so if the idea of a little DIY doesn’t scare you, then check out OxeyeDaisy’s PDF patterns. I love her jaw-dropping handmade dragon mask (at top), the sweet unicorn mask pattern, and quirky owl mask pattern so you can DIY. Gorgeous.


Woodland creature Halloween masks at Violet Moth Designs

Woodland Creature halloween masks at Violet Moth Designs

Who knew woodland creatures would be so popular with our kids lately? I never would have predicted mass hysteria among grade-schoolers cute over owls, foxes, and hedgehogs. But these felt woodland creature masks by Violet Moth Designs are cute enough to get me awwww-ing too. (Update: The shop seems to be gone. So sad! If you know where to find her, let us know.)


Panda halloween masks at Nib & Chisel

We named pandas this year’s cutest back to school trend, and this paper Panda mask made to order by UK designer Dace Brakmane (formerly Nib & Chisel) is one of my favorites. I’m picturing my kids as panda ninjas now.


Leather hummingbird Halloween mask by LMEmasks

This colorful leather handmade hummingbird mask by LMEmasks is so beautiful, and I know our readers could come up with some outrageous costumes to go with these. Pay attention to the order details on this one though: It’s made-to-order to fit your face, which takes some time. (Note: the shop is currently on break.)


Woodland collection of Halloween masks at Magical Attic

Hedgehogs are still on trend, so I’m liking this handmade Hedgehog mask for Halloween from Magical Attic as a hot item for the 31st. And of course, everyday thereafter if you’ve got imaginative kids who love playing dress-up.

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Leather dragon Halloween mask by The Artificer

Wow, check out the impressive handcrafted leather dragon masks from The Artificer. These are a serious investment, and after Halloween, I’d love to hang ours on the wall as decor. Definitely not one to toss in a costume box with boas and broken mardi gras beads.

Handmade Snowflake Halloween mask by Banwell Designs on Etsy

For something more sophisticated for older kids–or adults–I absolutely love this cut leather handmade leather snowflake mask by the outrageous Banwell Designs on Etsy.. There are so many places your imagination could take you with this one: the White Witch from Narnia, The Snow Queen (which Frozen was based on), a Nutcracker snowflake, or course, Elsa. But there’s always something brilliantly creative from kids that I haven’t even considered.

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