Who’s got Frozen fever? We’ve only been hearing about Frozen 2, oh, since last year sometime. And I know that’s not just my own kids.  With a November 22 launch date — and who knows whether you can even get tickets for opening weekend at this point — I get that you may need to keep your kids, uh, busy for the next few weeks. And then, probably for a long time after.

(“Is it Frozen night yet?” may be the new “Are we there yet?”)

Fortunately, I’ve found some easy and fun Frozen 2 crafts that go beyond playing Into the Unknown on auto-repeat for the next month or so.

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Fun Frozen 2 Crafts and Activities: Elsa Slime at Crayons and Cravings

Frozen 2 Slime

For your kids who aren’t ready to say “let it go” to slime yet (sorry, couldn’t resist), there’s a fun DIY for Borax-free Elsa’s Slime at Crayons and Cravings. It’s glittery and blue with snowflakes, just like Elsa would want.

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fFun Frozen 2 Crafts & Activities: Snowgies at One Creative Mommy

Frozen 2 Snowgies

One of the most anticipated characters in Frozen 2 are the Snowgies. Despite being described as snowman snot, they seem like adorable little guys who will keep Olaf company. Your house can now be littered with them too, thanks to this fun Snowgies craft tutorial at One Creative Mommy. And surely the supplies will cost less than buying the licensed Snowgies plush that will fill the shelves this holiday.

Frozen 2 craft ideas for kids: Story Stones using free printables from Red Ted Art

Frozen 2 Story Stones

I love crafts that allow kids to use their imaginations when they’re through with the project, and these Frozen Story Stones are so brilliant. Maggy at RedTed Art offers a really simple tutorial for making these decoupage stones, and even includes some free printable for you to use. Voila! You’ve got (mostly) free puppet-stye characters for the kids to reenact scenes from the original Frozen — and later, bring in some of the new characters from Frozen 2 just by printing your own character images from…well, everywhere.


Fun Frozen 2 Crafts: Felt Crown at Crafts Unleashed

Frozen 2 DIY crowns

If your kid wants to be just like Elsa or Anna — or just wear a sparkly crown (because what boy or girl can resist sparkly crowns?) you can help them make their own. I really like this  simple Frozen felt crown tutorial tutorial at Crafts Unleashed. It’s the right amount of easy for me, with the just enough awesome for my Frozen-loving kid. My money’s on her wearing this to the theater.

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Frozen 2 craft ideas for kids: Story Stones using free printables from Red Ted Art

Frozen 2 Pearler Bead Craft

I have to admit, perler beads are one of those crafts that I usually pull up a chair and do alongside my kids. They’re just so soothing for me.  I’ve searched so many patterns on Pinterest, only to find dead ends. But finally I found these fun Elsa, Anna, and Olaf pearler bead patterns at DIY Downloads on Facebook. They’re so clever, and if you attach a ribbon or keychain ring they can become backpack charms or necklaces too.