It’s not too late to pull together an easy last-minute Halloween costume idea that helps make Halloween awesome.Even if you’re doing everything last-minute lately.

It’s not just about the costumes, by the way; Liz recently shared some incredible ideas for alternate ways to celebrate Halloween besides trick or treating this year if you’re not eager to send your kids out into crowds just yet. Even if they are wearing masks.  We also shared some fantastic Halloween theme dinner ideas if you want to celebrate at home, or just make the whole season fun.

However you celebrate though, trick-or-treating or not, costumes are a must, right?

Updated for 2021

100+ easy last-minute Halloween costume ideas for kids and families | cool mom picks

To get you thinking of all you can do without a lot of time or uh, big overnight shipping feels, browse through some of our favorite easy  last-minute Halloween costumes for kids, parents, and the whole family that we put together from our archives.

And if you are going out? Be safe, and don’t forget those masks! Even if they’re under the other masks.


At top: Weather reporter in a storm via Costume Works; easy Mr. Rogers Halloween costume from Oh Happy Day

Easy-Last Minute Halloween Costumes You Can Make

Easy last-minute Halloween costumes: Jane Goodall costume via The Mod Chick
Easy Jane Goodall costume via
The Mod Chik

10 last-minute costume ideas for kids: There are some super-easy ideas here, from gymnast to Disney World tourist to basketball player, but I love this Paper Bag Princess costume from (the defunct blog) Seeker of Happiness. So simple, and so perfect.

9 more creative last-minute costumes for kids: Have khakis and a cardigan sweater? Hello, Mr. Rogers! (And hey, he has some particular new relevance for kids who might have caught the Tom Hanks film in recent years.) Jeans, a red hoodie, and a bike? You’re Elliot from ET. Pigs in a blanket, ice cream salesman, mummies…lots of inspiration here.


Easy Last-Minute Halloween Costumes Built Around Face Masks

Halloween costumes using face masks: Coco is pretty simple to recreate

10 Halloween costume ideas that use masks: From LEGO mini-figs to healthcare workers to plague doctors, these last-minute Halloween costumes are all about safety and face masks. They don’t take much work, but you do need to have the right face mask! Or, get a solid color face mask (even a KN95 can work) and a Sharpie and go to town.

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Easy No-Sew Halloween Costumes

Easy, funny last-minute Halloween costumes for kids: This extreme weatherman costume at Costume Works is so simple but hilarious.

13 easy, no-sew costume ideas for babies and kids: Jack Jack from the Incredibles, a Pokeball, Minions, and this hilarious weather reporter at Costume Works. These ideas don’t require any fancy sewing skills or arts degree to pull them off: just a sense of humor.

Easy Last Minute Costumes with Pop Culture Inspiration

90s Halloween costume ideas: Wayne's World costume from Rad Dog on Etsy

12 of the best 90s Halloween costumes for kids: Everyone seems to be throwing it back to the 90s lately, and this post is filled with inspiration — maybe even right from your own closet, if you’ve saved some of those Clueless inspired outfits, or some grunge-wear that could easily translate to a Wayne and Garth costume like the one above from Rad Dawg on Etsy. Find lots of fun ideas for last-minute Halloween-costumes in this post!

Easy Last-Minute Halloween Costumes Made from Pajamas

Kids' Halloween costumes made with pajamas | Nacho Libre via Baby Gizmo

12 last-minute Halloween costumes made from pajamas: If your kid has a pair of solid-colored pajamas (or, a sweatsuit, t-shirt and jeans, etc.) then these costume ideas will be super-easy at the last minute. We’re talking crayons, Care Bears, lumberjack, pumpkin, and (my favorite) Nacho Libre.


Easy Last-Minute Halloween Costumes Based around Face Paint

Easy Halloween costumes built around face paint tutorialsWitch face painting tutorial via Sophie’s Tips | Kitty Face paint tutorial via Super Heather

7 quick, easy face paint tutorials for kids: If you’re staying home to celebrate and can skip the mask try focusing on face paint instead. This post offers has step-by-step instructions for cats, dogs, superheroes, witches, zombies and more.

(Just remember to grab non-toxic face paint for the kiddos,)

20 of the most amazing, must-see Halloween face paint video tutorials on YouTube: Are these easy? tell us. But they may inspire some brilliant last-minute costume ideas that you can pull together around a painted face.

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Easy Last-Minute Halloween Costumes For Moms too Tired to Think About It Because Sheesh.

Last minute Halloween costume ideas for moms: French Toast, get it? (Photo credit unknown.)

(Photo credit unknown: Please let us know if this is your photo.)

13 easy last-minute costume ideas for moms: Don’t forget yourselves, moms! Even if you just want to stay home and sleep — in which case just wear pajamas. But if you want to get creative, we have ideas from Rosie the Riveter to emojis to clever pun costumes like French Toast.  These easy, last-minute Halloween costume ideas for adults may only require a trip to your closet. And maybe your craft supply stash.