Holiday photo cards have become such indelible parts of the season, they’re right up there with shiny wrapping paper, gift-giving, Cyber Monday sales, and gingerbread lattes at Starbucks. (Take a seat, PSL™, you’ll have had your time by then). Since some of you are already asking us about cool holiday photo cards–and we bow down to you–the first really newsworthy ones have come across your desks.

This year, the talented folks at Artifact Uprising, whose gorgeous photo books our readers have all gone nuts for, have added a cool twist to the usual holiday greeting tradition with a clever new 3-in-1 Photo Card.

It’s a card, a photo print and a gift tag all in one. You just separate the perforated seams, and the 100 percent recycled card leaves you with a nicely printed photo that can be repurposed.

I find it fascinating that it’s specifically designed to work with Instagram-sized square photos; that’s just how popular IG is now. In fact, the company makes it super easy to upload right from your Instagram account, as well as your computer or Dropbox.

Send it out and the friends and fam can tear away the tag to use on a gift, keep the photo side of it on display on its own, or opt to keep the whole thing together as one sweet, little unit if they’re the type who still keep favorite holiday photo cards from 2001 on the fridge. But for the rest of us, it’s just kind of nice to keep those great pics of our friends’ kids that go out each December, without having to save the whole card.

Recycling what has already been recycled. I like that.


3-in-1 holiday photo cards from artifact uprising - they can be reused as a gift card or photo

This is one smart, high-tech way to spread some personalized holiday cheer, that still feels as traditional and beautiful as a holiday card is supposed to be.

The 3-in-1 Photo Card is available on Artifact Uprising. Prices start at $1.50 per card.