My kids came home this week excitedly telling me they could hand out something in school to their classmates for Halloween, provided it was gluten-free. So I started perusing the candy aisle before I thought…wait a minute! I’m supposed to give out Halloween classroom treats now, too?

Between parties, other classmates and then the actual trick-or-treating I hardly think our little fun-size sugar-filled whatever would be appreciated. However, because I am so not the kind of mom who is going to spend half a day hand-creating 54 impressive little DIY mini pumpkins for my kids to hand out, I looked for some fun simple idea that the kids could hand out. Or best, Halloween gifts they can make themselves with very little help from me.


Halloween Coloring Pages

Free Halloween coloring page for kids | non-candy Halloween classroom treat ideas
We recently featured a bunch of fun free printable Halloween coloring pages (my kids have gone nuts with those sugar skulls) but now there’s one more that I love from Lil Luna. While my kids may or may not have the energy to color in all of these printable Happy Halloween pages , you can just pass them out as-is and let all the kids do their own.  [via jennifer cook on pinterest]

You can also search the web for Halloween-themed activity pages like mazes, word searches or the kid-friendly Halloween connect-the-dots we found that’s perfect for kids about 4-7.


Glow Sticks and Novelty Toys

Non-candy Halloween classroom treat ideas: Discount box of glow sticks
I found this glow stick assortment of 50 glow sticks at Oriental Trading for about what a pack of 50 candy bars costs right now. You can probably find them at a party store near you too and bonus, kids can actually use them that night.


Plastic spider rings: Non-candy classroom Halloween treats ideas

Also look for novelties like plastic spider rings, vampire teeth, and funny glasses at our Amazon affiliate (great price, and free Prime shipping) or wherever you shop for cheap party goody bag treats. I’m not always a big fan of what I call “landfill toys” but once in a while I admit we take the plunge. They’re also a good alternative on Halloween night if you have a lot of kids with food allergies in the hood. My kids, when offered them on a tray along with candy, actually tend to go for the rings.


Halloween Craft Supplies

Halloween crayons: Fun non-candy Halloween treats ideas

Even better, I like giving out craft supplies whenever I can because you know they’ll be put to good use. It won’t break the bank to grab two dozen of these fun Halloween crayons. Just $9.95. Sweet! If you really want to go for it, pair each box with one of the coloring pages up top.

Halloween stickers can also be fun. Give each kid a sheet and have your child sign the back.


Halloween Masks

Free printable DIY Halloween masks: ideas for non-candy halloween treats

My kids can never seem to have (or, uh, hoard) too many masks in their dress-up bins, and I think they’d be psyched to get some Halloween masks from their classmates. We found these printable Halloween masks at Mr. Printables two years ago, and I still think they’re fantastic. Pick one style or mix and match. And if you don’t have the energy to cut and assemble them all yourself, hand out the whole printable with a piece of elastic taped to the back and boom–craft project!


Halloween masks on Amazon | fun non-candy classroom Halloween treat ideas


If it’s just easier to buy something than print 29 masks, check out the really affordable foam Halloween masks I found (also at Amazon) which come in six not-too-spooky designs.


Printable Halloween Cards

You know? Kids really don’t need much more than a card when it comes down to it, and more than anything, it makes your own kid feel good to hand them out. But search for free Printable Halloween cards and…holy spam sites. I just saved you literally two hours of fruitless clicking (that’s what we’re here for!) by tracking down some of the best free printable Halloween cards from some very generous artists and designers. It’s kind of like letting the kids cut and sign their own printable Valentine’s cards, only, more skulls, fewer hearts.


Free printable Halloween classroom cards for kids

Register for an account with Kaden’s Corner and you get access to three printables each month of your choice, like these free printable Halloween Cards for kids which are about the cutest I’ve seen. There’s also a fun cut-and-fold printable Frankenstein card if you have the scissor skills and the energy.


Printable sheet of Halloween cards on Etsy

For something a little spookier, download a sheet of these awesome printable Halloween greetings from Etsy’s FrezeArt for just $1.50 then go to town making as many as you’d like.


Free printable Halloween classroom cards: Fox via Squirrelly Minds

Foxes are still hot, and this hip fox Halloween card printable from Squirrelly Minds is pretty awesome at any age.


Free skeleton Paper Doll Halloween printables

At Peonies and Poppy Seeds, you’ll find this ridiculously fun skeleton Halloween paper doll printable that would be cute for an early elementary class. Just roll them up, tie with a ribbon and sign the back. Easy!

Find more ideas for Halloween classroom treats among our Halloween archives and on our Halloween Coolness Pinterest board.