I’m really digging the newest spin on beauty subscription boxes, which are now providing full sized products  instead of appealing to the dabblers with a bunch of trial-sized samples. Along with BeautyDNA, the newest beauty subscription service to enter the full sized category is called Spa Heroes.

Each Spa Heroes beauty box contains a spa product carefully vetted by a panel of ingredient-savvy professionals who only choose products free of stuff like parabens, hydroquinone and propylene glycol. Spa Heroes speaks to my green juice-loving side since all products are also formulated to go beyond beauty and support well-being–just like a trip to the spa.

Your products will arrive in the most adorable superhero packaging (my boys fought over who got to keep the mini hero mask inside), but it was the beauty goods–including tips from the spa experts–that really got me excited. My first box included a glass jar of Red Flower Arctic Berry Cloud Milk Cream (that retails for $54), a very generous trial size of Red Flower Italian Blood Orange Body Lotion and a smaller sample of their Rose Collagen Renewal Face Serum.

Now consider that the whole thing just cost $39.


Spa Heroes beauty subscription service: Full-size products!

Red Flower Arctic Berry Cloud Milk Cream - like a trip to the spa
I believe every mom deserves a spa break, but if you’re like me, a trip there only happens on Mother’s Day or my birthday. If that. For me, the subscription is a small price to pay for those three minutes of heaven when I’m massaging my new Cloud Milk Cream onto my neck and shoulders before bedtime. However these are all small batch formulations and not big mainstream brands. So you have to be willing to trust their curation, take the plunge and try some brands you haven’t heard of.  Then hope that you like them all, because obviously no one likes throwing away full-size bottles of anything.

It also means that Spa Heroes limits their subscriber list to just 1,500 as opposed to the beauty box behemoths with over a million customers–a good reason to sign up now if you want a little bit of monthly spa love in your life.

Sign up for Spa Heroes beauty subscription service ($39/month) and receive a full-sized spa product every month. Thanks to Spa Heroes for providing a box for review.

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