I’m a veteran babywearer, so it’sĀ no surprise that the first thing my daughterĀ thinks about when she wants to take her dollsĀ for a walk is putting them into a carrier. We’ve always had cute little doll pouches for her babies, butĀ with whyknotmom’s Reversible Doll Carrier, she finally has one that looks like the Ergo her little brother used to pretty much live in, and she couldn’t be more excited.

These adorable customizable doll carriers come in a variety of colorful fabrics with black on the reverse to better simulate mom’s or dad’s carrier. With adjustable waist and shoulder straps, they’ll fit most kids, too, so if you have more than one child, it can be a perfect fit for each of them. (Good luck getting them to agree on a fabric choice, though.)

A handmade reversible doll carrier on Etsy to fit most kids

These carriers would be such a great gift for any doll-loving child, and what a bonus for parents who won’t have to deal with lugging a doll stroller out and about. If a new baby is on the way, they also makeĀ a perfect big sibling gift.

Now if only we could get the kids to carry the real baby around sometimes we’d be set.

Ā Reversible Doll Carriers are available at whyknotmom’s Etsy shop. And if you’re thinking holiday gifts, be sure to order soon, since November 15th is the deadline for holiday gifts.

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