Recently¬†I was honored to attend the¬† Girls & Women Initiative’s¬†AYA Summit, in which¬†my eyes were opened to so many remarkable ways¬†that¬†people devote their lives to¬†women and girls around the world who are disproportionately affected by poverty. One of the¬†women I was amazingly¬†impressed with is Jane Mosbacher Morris, who cut her teeth in the counterterrorism department of the¬†State Department (whoa), then¬†turned her life towards humanitarian action with a focus on¬†woman’s issues, and in particular, anti-human trafficking.

She also happens to have great style and a sharp mind for business. So you can see how this is all coming together.

This week I’m so excited¬†excited to give you a first look at¬†her brand¬†new web shop¬†To the Market | Survivor Made Goods¬†opening officially this coming week. It’s¬†filled with goods¬†by created by and supporting survivors of poverty, political conflict, disease, and human trafficking. Amazing, strong, incredible women, all of them.

And the shop is open in time for all the big-hearted holiday giving I know our readers really commit to each year, too.

To the Market: Handmade gifts and accessories supporting women in need

Look around the shop and I have no doubt that there’s at least one item that could beautifully fulfill one gift on your holiday list, whether it’s an affordable turquoise bangle set, or a stunning cashmere scarf that could easily grace the shelves of a high end department store.¬†Here are just a few of my own favorites–hard though it is to pare it down.


Gorgeous cashmere scarves | holiday gifts supporting women in need at To the Market
Villasi Cashmere scarves, $295.

Wow am I smitten with the¬†combo of modern design and traditional Kashmir Valley¬†workmanship in these amazingly high-quality scarves.¬†I really like that the¬†weavers subtly embroider their own initials on the corner of each one, adding a truly personal touch. It really gives you a sense that you’re helping a real woman in tangible ways¬†with your purchase.


Bib necklace from To the Market: Gifts that support women in need
Audrey Silver Bib Necklace, $35

This silver flower necklace from artists of the Starfish Project is such a gorgeous statement piece at a fantastic price.¬†But what’s most special is how it’s created¬†legitimate employment for exploited women in Asia so they can find shelter, education, healthcare, and above all, love and safety.



Red coral necklace from To the Market | gifts supporting women in need

Red Coral Tabitha Necklace, $65
This is a really special piece from the women artisans of the Starfish Project–and what a stunner for holidays. I can already imagine about a zillion things I can wear it with.


Handwoven fair trade bags at To the Market supporting women in need

Handmade cosmetic and travel bags supporting women in need | To the Market

Handwoven with Love bags featuring make-up bags, travel bags and toiletry totes, $8-54.
This company showcases work from six different fair trade women’s organizations ¬†which provide handicraft related training and skills for Nepalese women–often handicapped, widowed, abused, or estranged from their villages–so they become self-reliant and support their families. I’m especially fond of the¬†toiletry totes¬†for $25 as a thoughtful gift for¬†a whole lot of women on my list.

Affordable turquoise bracelets from To the Market | gifts that support women in needTurqouise beaded bracelet set, $24.99
This set of three beaded stretch bracelets are another stylish, affordable gift that’s perfect for¬†a teen, or hey even me. They’re so wearable, and support the wonderful work of the Starfish Project as well.


Deco dangling earrings from To the Market | affordable gifts supporting women in need

Deco Indian Dangling Earrings, $17
Fashioned in¬†an¬†Indian design that’s so on trend now, you can choose from several colors of these earrings, but the red is so festive.¬†They were created by survivors of HIV/AIDS who are pulling themselves out through their¬†work and accomplishing fantastic things.



Handmade tote: Holiday gifts supporting women in need at To the Market

Lago Tote Bag, $135
In mustard or gray, I really like this ¬†tote as a¬†casual beach bag or travel tote. It’s stylish but not fussy, and handwoven by women in Guatemala with¬†the support and oversight of The Root Collective.

Mint necklace supporting women in need from To the Market

Mint Zuri Necklace, $25
This lovely little mint necklace is made by talented craftswomen of Uganda out of recycled paper, carefully cut and rolled into beautiful beads. I have a similar one and always get compliments. A purchase like one from All Across Africa literally enables a woman to be able to afford rent and food for her children, completely changing her life.


Handmade authentic sari blankets that support women in need | To the Market

Handmade authentic Sari blanket at To the Market, supporting women in need

Handmade sari blanket, $99
For an exquisite and truly authentic Sari Blanket (plus scarves, coin purses, bedspreads, and other accessories), check out the collection from Sari Bari. This is one remarkable organization, which creates a safe environment right in the center of India’s red light districts, for the¬†copious trafficking survivors who live there¬†to have another choice of employment¬†and reinvent their lives.


I’ll be honest, when I look around the site, it’s a little hard (for me at least) to sort items “by cause” which include¬†abuse, exploitation, orphanhood and HIV/AIDS. It puts a lot of things in perspective. But sort by organization, and suddenly you realize how many amazing people out there are pulling together to support our sisters around the world.

In fact, the To the Market site as a whole feels incredibly uplifting–because it is. So much so, ¬†I’m hard-pressed to call these beautiful items,¬†“charity gifts.”

It’s not charity. These are items¬†that make a meaningful¬†difference in¬†the lives of women who simply want to work, live, and support their families with dignity. I’m honored if we’re¬†able to help in any small way.


To the Market: Web boutique supporting families and women in need  around the world


Visit ¬†To the Market | Survivor Made Goods¬†for fantastic gifts this holiday that support women in amazing ways. And keep an eye on the web shop as they hit their hard launch Thursday¬†and add more items; and as they embark on some pretty cool partnerships including pop-up shops and custom jewelry that we’ll be sure to tell you about.