The days of fabulous heels are gone for this ex-New Yorker. Pregnant or not, I live in cute, comfy flats these days. And although I’m not the matchy-matchy type, expecting a little girl has me thinking about the occasional mommy and me outfit that wouldn’t make 25-year-old me roll my eyes. So when I heard that Linge Shoes, known for their stylish grown-up ballet flats, was coming out with ballet shoes for babies and kids, I leapt at the chance (ha) to check them out.

Linge Shoes’ baby ballet flats are made of soft leather, and so colorful and precious they make me want to enroll my daughter in ballet class right now–and I’m not even much for the ballet. Although I am a shameless fan of So You Think You Can Dance.

I really like that the elastic ankle strap on these shoes can be worn inside or outside the foot, and that the elastic tie isn’t just there for looks–unlike with real ballet shoes, you can tighten this one for the perfect fit. Both those details could make these the perfect “learning to walk” shoes for your baby when the time comes, while colors like red, purple, and even the neutrals make them really special for holiday wear.

Linge Leather Ballet Shoes for Babies and Kids come in many colors


Linge Ballet Shoes for Babies and Kids are super comfortable

I think these flats would make an adorable addition to any girl’s closet, so your tiny dancer will be ready to take on the Big Apple–or her local playground–any day of the week. And while you’re busy picking out colors for her, you may want to treat yourself to a pair, too. At just $59 a pair for adults and $39 for kids, it’s kind of hard to resist.

Linge Shoes’ leather ballet flats for babies and kids are available in 1-3 months up to size 4, or check out Linge Shoes leather ballet flats for women.