I think I’ve found the perfect Christmas gift for my much cooler younger sister (shh, don’t tell). While we have tons of ideas for fun and irreverent best friend gifts, I’m excited about the embroidery hoop art over at Merriweather Council’s Etsy shop, where their wry sense of humor matches their hip design aesthetic.

Merriweather Council has been a favorite of ours for a while—have you seen their irresistible monogrammed embroidery necklaces?—and these embroidery hoop art pieces have really gotten us talking. This is a fun, unexpected bit of decor to hang in the kitchen for that pop of vintage coolness.


Merriweather Council's custom embroidery hoop art

Must have! Embroidery hoop art from Merriweather Council.

If you don’t wake up thinking about coffee or cake, you can convo Merriweather Council to create your own custom hoop. Just pick the perfect word for your hoop and choose from 30 different fabric colors and lots of different thread colors, too. There is so much personality packed into these funny little pieces of handmade art, and I know exactly which one I would give to each person on my list–if only I can bring myself to let go of them.

Browse all of the hand embroidered hoops at Merriweather Council’s Etsy shop, and find more cool wall art in our archives.