If you have a cosmetics junkie friend–you know what I mean–it may be time for a gift that takes thing back to a natural, cleansing place. And a new line I just discovered,  Board and Batten, could be a perfect fit with their “farm to skin” products–kind of like farm to table, only you know. For skin.

There is no shortage of high-quality non-toxic skincare brands out there, but I love a brand that sources all of its ingredients from their very own Florida farm, and handcrafts the products in small batches, too. You won’t find parabens, GMOs, sulfates or synthetic fragrances here. Instead, expect skin-loving natural ingredients like carrot oil, chia seed extract and organic extra virgin coconut oil. Good enough to eat, right?


Natural skin care products from Board and Batten: Seeds of Today

The brand has perfect holiday options like candles and winter skincare sets, all in modern farmhouse-y packaging, just made for gifting. They look like the kind of products you’d find in a shabby chic B & B and secretly want to carry home in your suitcase. Not that I’d ever do that, right?

As for the beauty products, the Cleansing and Conditioning Balm is a multitasking skin salve that breaks down makeup, dirt and oil while hydrating with soothing plant oils. It also comes with a skin shammy made from soft muslin to exfoliate the skin with each wash and I’m loving it for the dry winter months. As a skincare oil junkie, I’m also obsessed with the Seeds of Today Youth Serum ($38). It’s made of a whole beautiful mess of seed oils and extracts, including pomegranate seed oil, carrot seed oil and watermelon seed oil to protect the skin and help it function better.

And while you have to be really careful about giving someone a “youth serum” as a gift, the right friend will totally take it the right way.

Satisfy your natural beauty side with the new Board and Batten natural skin care products at Farm to Skin. Plus, find more gifts for your mother-in-law, gifts for your BFF, and ideas for everyone else on your shopping list in our Holiday Gift Guide!