It’s going to be a while before I can look out my window and see anything bright and colorful fluttering around my yard, so I’m especially pleased that LEGO has chosen to release LEGO Birds, a brand new set of feathered friends that is so realistic, I may just gaze at them instead.

The set features detailed models of a hummingbird, blue jay, and robin, each standing between 5 and 7 inches tall and perched on its own stand with its Latin name in front. There’s even a pamphlet more more info on the species inside. It all adds up to a certain sophistication which means I could display the finished birds in my house in a second. As opposed to, say, LEGO Friends which, while adorable, don’t entirely fit into my overall decor scheme.

Like the female scientist kit, LEGO Birds is a crowdsourced pick, developed by a bird enthusiast and avid gardener whose model went on to receive over 10,000 votes from LEGO Ideas members to help nudge it into production. The same way like LEGO Architecture gets my kids more familiar with great buildings around the world, this set makes me hopeful that we’ll see even more realistic models that make for educational, hands-on projects.


LEGO Birds by LEGO


LEGO Birds is aimed at kids and adults 12+ so probably not for your preschooler without a lot of help. And hey, if the kids do happen to take the birds for a flight around the house after they’re done, at least I know they can put them back together should there be a rough landing.

LEGO Birds is in stock at the LEGO store online. And if you love LEGO as much as we do, visit our archives for many, many more ideas.

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