I’m not surprised that Mavenhaus Collective instantly turned me into a fan before I was even off the homepage, especially considering it was created in part by our friend, Pinterest tastemaker extraordinaire Traci French of Blissful Blog, along with equally desing-passionate sister, Tara Schlosser. The site features limited-edition designs from amazing designers who specialize in women’s fashion.

In other words, if you see something you love, grab it now or forever hold your peace.

I could link to my favorite items, but with no more than 50 of each–and often fewer–who knows if they will still be there by the time you get to clicking them. Even so, right now I have my eye on the stunning  blue-green Peak Sapphire Cuff by Alexis Russell; a striking double jacquard knit grey and cream shawl by Montreal’s Lysanne Latulippe of String Theory; her accent scarf in cream; and colorful, vintage-inspired brass cuffs by Kathryn Bentley of Dream Collective.  I also love the handmade leather booties by Ariana Bohling with the stacked wooden heel, but can I get a pair in black please?


Ariana Bohling handmade leather booties for Mavenhaus collective

Blue-green sapphire cuff by Alexis Russell for Mavenhaus Collective

String theory hand-knit jacquard shawl for Mavenhaus Collective

Brass cuffs by Dream Collective for Mavenhaus

String Theory accent scarf for Mavenhaus Collective

As with flash sale sites, everything is on sale for a limited time–say, 3-4 weeks–or until they sell out. However what’s different with Mavenhaus is that you’re not charged until the sale is over, and that’s when the item will be created for you. In other words, no rush shipping, oh impatient shoppers.

This process helps cut down on waste and excess products that then later need to be put on sale. That isn’t necessarily great for the discount shoppers of the world, but it does help the very small businesses and emerging artists who are creating the pieces. And this isn’t a shop for discount shoppers anyway.

Not that it’s a bloody fortune either; I actually find the prices more reasonable than I would have expected for this quality of artistry, probably because there’s no big department store overhead requiring big markups. Most pieces are in the $100-200 range with a few splurges, like that $240 shawl, or a $325 cashmere sweater that’s now sold out.

For those prices, however, you’re getting something incredibly special whether it’s a bag or a piece of jewelry. Mavenhaus is an impressively curated curated collection of really exquisite women’s accessories with timeless design that you’ll want to own forever. I’d expect no less from Traci and Tara. I also expect I’m going to be spending way too much time ogling the designs there.

 Visit the brand new Mavenhaus Collective and check out gorgeous limited edition women’s accessories and fashion from small designers. You can also register with the site for early access and advanced notice of new additions.

Photos: Heaven McArthur for Mavenhaus