It was so exciting to watch my daughter learn to crawl–until she bypassed the area rug and face-planted onto the hardwood floor. We used to joke that she needed knee pads, so I’m excited to find Go Little One Go anti-slip crawling pants for babies, just in time for baby number two.

The super cute gripping stars cover the knees of these one-size-fits-all bottoms, giving baby some traction and control on slippery surfaces. They’re made from super soft and breathable bamboo fabric–which I really love for its extra coziness–and are designed to stretch and move with baby as she takes off. Plus? So cool looking!

Go Little One Go crawling pants grey close up

Crawling pants for babies with cute anti-slip stars on the knees


Now of course most kids don’t need pants like this; babies have crawled just fine on their own for generations. But there are some kids with special needs and sensory issues for whom these could be a big hit. Plus, other anti-slip options tend to look a little more safety first, style second, so it’s a plus that these pants are smart and cute.

Purchase the Go Little One Go crawling pants from their webshop in pink, grey, turquoise or blue.