I’m always happy to introduce you to beautifully-curated independent web boutiques and here’s one more  new one that’s caught my attention since its launch just a few weeks ago. Mini Life is an exquisite children’s lifestyle boutique packed full of gorgeous toys, decor, home items and more, all cultivated from around the world. It’s definitely not the kinds of gifts you see in every shop in the mall.

Founder Athena Rotolo has a modern sensibility I just love, and if you’ve got little ones to shop for–or maybe, splurge on–then you must look around this exquisite site.

Here are just some of the items that have me oohing and ahhing and wonder just which awesome kid in my life has a birthday coming up soon.

Magic coloring poster by Omy Design & Play | the mini life

Giant coloring posters by Omy Design & Play ($18 and up)

I am totally smitten with these huge, 71″ long posters which I’m immediately adding to my list of rainy day craft activities for kids. There are themes like space, magic, and cities like London, New York and Paris. Plus it makes a fantastic birthday party activity when the kids need a little “stop running around the house and breaking things please” time.


Hamburger set by Kiko+ | the mini life

Hamburger set of Wooden Play Food by Kiko+ ($32)

We’ve always loved cool play food around here and I’ve found our wooden toys have far outlasted even the plastic–and still look great. How cute is this burger and fries? Let’s assume it’s made with free-range, low-fat buffalo meat and a good Vermont Cheddar.


Wooden City Playsets for Kids featuring London, Paris, or your own city

Wooden City Playsets by Kiko+ ($47-$54)

Also from Kiko+ come lots of really stunning wooden play sets featuring icons from London or Paris or just a simple city that you can name anything you want. Say, Benjamintown. Or Emmaville.



Kiko+ Kurma wooden toy car | the mini life

Kiko+ black with white stripes Kurma wooden toy car ($31)

Kiko also makes some really lovely wooden toy cars that you can play with on your own or add to the city sets. They’re not cheap for sure, but they remind us of the keepsake craftsmanship of the Candylab wooden toy cars we recently found.

Agatha & Charles medium storage box by Un Jour je Serai | the mini life

Agatha & Charles medium storage box by Un Jour je Serai ($40)

We love bins around here with a passion – so smart for easy storage. And when they’re as cute as this one from Un Jour je Serai (One day I will be…) they’re hard to resist.



Toy storage bag by Kolor | the mini life

Paper storage bags for toys, clothes, paper + plastic

Paper toy storage bag by Kolor ($12)

I am so in love with these affordable paper storage bags that have such a minimalist cool vibe, but do the job. Perfect for toys, clothes, trash…I want all of them!


Des Engantillages balancing game | the mini life

Wooden balancing game for toddlers ($68)

Babies get their due at the shop too, with beautiful wooden toys that you don’t tend to see everywhere. Isn’t this 9-piece stackable set from Des Enfantillages the perfect special baby shower gift? They make lots of other cool toys for toddlers and older kids too, like this neat mini hockey stick.


Superbear tee by Kukukid | the mini life

Superbear tee by Kukukid ($24)

The clothing section for babies and kids is so fun! Look at this cute superbear tee. Get that guy his own animated series!


Milk de la Milk shift by Grey Ham NYC | the mini life

Milk de la Milk shift by Grey Ham NYC ($28)

And I love Grey Ham’s fun French twist on creme de la creme, in a cool tee for babies and toddlers.



Mint Rhapsody Play Pen | the mini life

Mint Rhapsody Play Pen ($650)

If you want a super splurge, well there are a few of those at Mini Life too. This clear acrylic playpen is outrageous, isn’t it? (Not that I’d stick a baby on that fuzzy fur pillow, or you can consider it lunch for the day.) The playpen is on preorder for a mere $650, for the parents-to-be who have everything. Well, except this. *UPDATE: This is sold out at the Mini Life, and now available at Design Life Kids.

Visit the new online boutique Mini Life for really special gifts for babies and kids. And don’t miss the sale section too. Sign up for their emails for 10% off your next order. 

Please note that orders ship from Canada and small purchases have relatively high charges. Purchases $150+ to the US are $10 shipping, and free to CA. Please see shipping rates here.