We’re suckers for easy DIY Valentine’s Day crafts that make thoughtful gifts, especially when they’re deliciously edible. So I’ve put together some ideas for homemade Valentine’s food gifts that are easy to make with the kids—even little ones and those not gifted in the craft department—and can be churned out in big batches to take care of a whole classroom. They’re also inexpensive to make so that you can save the decadent store-bought chocolates for you and your special Valentine.

Or just you.

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Homemade Valentine's food gifts: Painted heart cookies | Minted.com

My name is Stacie and I cannot decorate a cookie for my life. Yet even I can make these Painted Heart Sugar Cookies  (also pictured top) spied on the Minted blog. I think. Make dough, go to town with a heart cookie cutter, slap on some icing, and paint the stripes with gel food coloring. With no fussy details or careful piping, the kids can totally do this—and I can, too. Phew.


Homemade Valentine's food gifts: XO Rice Krispies Treats | Taryn Cox the Wife

There is no occasion for which Rice Krispies mixed with marshmallows aren’t a good idea, and Valentine’s Day is no exception. To make these XO Rice Krispies Treats from Taryn Cox the Wife, have the kids mix up a batch with a little food coloring thrown in (we love the all-natural food colors from India Tree) then, instead of cutting them into the traditional squares, use X and O cookie cutters. If you can keep from eating them all yourself, wrap the treats in wax paper bags for a super cute Valentine’s Day gift.

Homemade Valentine's food gifts: Homemade pixie sticks | Cupcake Project

We’re not big into candy in my house, but I do get nostalgic for pixie sticks and love these Homemade Pixy Stix from Cupcake Project. They are made with granulated sugar and all-natural fruit powder (involved but super simple) and nothing else. We even found the red and white straws for you to make it easier!

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Homemade Valentine's food gifts: S'mores in a Jar | Home Cooking Memories

If you can make salad in a jar, you can certainly make Valentine’s Day gifts in a jar, too. Brandie from Home Cooking Memories shares several ideas, but our favorite is this adorable Valentine’s Day S’mores in a Jar. And the best part for you baking-averse parents: it’s all assembly, no cooking! All you need are Valentine’s Day chocolates, graham crackers, and heart-shaped marshmallows like these found at our affiliate Amazon. Stock up on mason jars, or just pack tin party treat bags with a twist tie closure if you’re handing them out to a big group.

Homemade Valentine's food gifts: Conversation Heart Cookies | The House that Lars Built

I’ve seen several recipes for Conversation Heart Cookies like the ones we found on The House That Lars Built, but none but these come with a free printable that allows you to pack your cookies in a giant replica of the classic Conversation Hearts box. So awesome!

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Homemade Valentine's food gifts: Surprise Heart Cupcakes | Love Swah

Have you noticed the trend of surprise-inside cakes and cupcakes, or am I spending too much time on Pinterest? (Don’t answer that.) Either way, I’ve ignored them assuming that the recipes must be super complicated. As it turns out, though they require a little extra baking, they aren’t hard to make at all. The directions for these Surprise Heart Cupcakes at Love Swah are very clear and I love the idea of Rosewater and Pistachio Cupcakes for something a little more sophisticated than vanilla and chocolate.

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