Ever in search for more colorful playthings to brighten up the dreary northeast weather, I am so happy to discover Laughing Crickets, an Etsy shop creating the most beautiful, bright, happy-making handmade toys for kids, with a focus on handmade sorting games.

The shop overs brightly beautiful natural  sorting games featuring the likes of giraffes, hearts, birds, lady bugs, and rainbow clad peg dolls in their own little wooden beds. Plus, Easter eggs which should be a big hit in the coming weeks.I love that they’re painted with non-toxic paints and finished with natural beeswax and olive oil, by makers who clearly love kids as much as we do.

And wow, those colors!


Handmade wooden hearts sorting games by Laughing Crickets

Handmade ladybug wooden sorting game | Laughing Crickets on Etsy

Handmade wooden fruits sorting game | Laughing Crickets on Etsy

Handmade wooden rainbow bird sorting games at Laughing Crickets

Handmade wooden rainbow peg doll sorting games for kids | Laughing Crickets

Beautiful handmade wooden Easter egg sorting game | Laughing Crickets on Etsy
The sets all run about $20-30 which is a fantastic price for such beautiful craftsmanship from a small toymaking business in Virginia. Just look at the sizes before you pick one; most are safest for kids 3 and up.

I just remember how much my own girls loved these kinds of sorting toys preschoolers, as they discovered the possibilities of sorting by shapes, colors, size–or in the case of my youngest, some completely bizarre system that was perfectly logic only to her.

Find stunning wooden handmade sorting games for kids at the Etsy shop Laughing Crickets.