We are so excited to launch our brand new, first ever Ultimate Birthday Party Gift Guide, featuring more than 100 of the coolest birthday gifts for kids of all ages. Whoo! Over the years, we’ve been asked a zillion times (not even exaggerating there) for kids’ birthday gift ideas so we decided, hey, why not put them all together in one big, awesome guide for you all, featuring the coolest gifts of the year?

You’ll find so many of the best birthday gift ideas to suit any budget, from those special first birthday gifts  to developmental toys for toddlers, all the way through those hard-to-shop-for tweens and big kids.

And, we can assure you that all of our own kids have given our birthday gift guide a once-over (they insisted) and it gets their thumbs up. Phew.


The ultimate birthday party gift guide | brought to you by the yummy ice cream cakes in your grocer's freezer

Of course, no party is complete without birthday cakes, which is why we’re thrilled that our guide is brought to you by the cool cakes in your grocery store freezer and bakery aisle. We’ve always loved how convenient it is to just grab an awesome, ready-made ice cream cake while we’re already at the store stocking up on paper plates and juice. And we’re happy to provide some fun, helpful cake tips for you throughout our guide too.

Besides, hello — ice cream cake? The best.

So, head over to our Ultimate Birthday Party Gift Guide and take a peek. And don’t forget to bookmark for later since this is only the beginning of a year full of birthdays for all the special kids in your life. We really hope it helps you out. And happy shopping!

-Kristen + Liz