As much as I love party decorations, I hate throwing them out at the end of the day. I don’t even like throwing out paper tablecloths, after they’re torn, which, I know. My own issue. So I always love finding party decor that can be reused. I think the reusable personalized birthday banners from our friends at Blue Without You Kids are just adorable.

The Etsy shop is known for their handmade soft mobiles and gorgeous but affordable embroidery hoop art, so banners seem to be a perfect addition to the line. While there are some cool handmade pennant buntings and a really beautiful new purple flower garland, my favorites are definitely the personalized buntings.

Each one features the letters of your child’s name, spelled out in ever-popular ombre felt letters in coral or blue.You also get to specify your choice of icon for the ends of each banner–flowers, stars, party hats. (And I really dig the arrows, below.) You could even write congratulations or happy anniversary, if you have another occasion in mind.

For $15 a pop,  I’d say get a name banner plus some of the more generic ones in coordinating colors. That price is pretty amazing.


Handmade reusable personalized birthday banners with your child's name | Blue Without You Kids

Reusable handmade felt banner bunting | Blue Without You Kids

Reusable handmade felt floral banner | Blue Without You Kids

Reusable handmade felt bunting at Blue Without You Kids

Reusable personalized birthday banner in ombre coral | Blue Without You Kids

Now, for a terrific price, you’ve got party decor you can use every year. Or, more likely, every day. Because if my kids were to get one, I know full well they wouldn’t allow me to put it away for a whole year and it would end up somewhere on their bedroom walls.

Find the  reusable personalized birthday banners and other beautiful handmade felt garlands at Blue Without You Kids on Etsy.