While a ton of kids and babies are going to end up with “Kiss me I’m Irish” shirts today, we thought we’d take a slightly different tack and track down some cool kids’ t-shirts featuring some of our favorite Irish rock bands. Because St. Patrick’s Day or any other day, it’s never too young to introduce your kid to Bob Geldoff — and the fact that Irish music doesn’t necessarily mean jigs and drinking songs.

But hey, should the Boomtown Rats not be your thing, at Red Molotov you can also find nice, heavyweight cotton tribute tees to The Pogues and of course, U2. It may take a savvy music fan to figure out just who Hewson is but let’s just saw that Hewson would be very pleased with the ethical manufacturing processes of the tees with get Worldwide REsponsible Apparel Production Certification.


Boomtown Rats band t-shirt for kids: In celebration of Irish bands

Irish rock band t-shirts for kids: The Pogues!

Kids U2 band tee: In celebration of Irish rock bands

Sorry, no Stiff Little Fingers, Cranberries, or Dropkick Murphys just yet. However they do have an awesome Smiths t-shirt for kids which, I know, is totally stretching it. But since Morrissey’s parents were both Irish, maybe it kind of counts. After all, isn’t everyone kind of Irish today anyway?

Find all these Irish rock band t-shirts for kids (and lots of other bands, too) at Red Molotov for £9.99 in sizes 1-12. They ship from the UK.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, everyone!