Vroom vroom! That’s the sound of one very happy 21-month-old zooming around in my living room on the Piki Piki from Gallo and Spence Toys, a great new bike-trike hybrid for toddlers and preschoolers. And with my own toddler (and soon-to-be toddler, eek!) am so happy to have found this!

Made in the USA and created by a mom and dad who grew up in South Africa where they still get that independent play is more important than hovering over your kid every moment, the three-wheeled Piki Piki offers toddlers the independence they crave– while reassuring slightly nervous parents like myself with its solid construction.


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This bike-trike is super lightweight, and even my two-year-old son can safely pick up the front wheel to change directions. It’s a good deal larger and taller than the Bunzi bike my son tried awhile back, and it’s also faster. Especially on hardwood floors, where it glides smoothly; you’ll find that outside it loses some speed on the sidewalks, but but I bet an older kid with slightly stronger and longer legs would be able to make it go faster.

Basically, the Piki Piki is perfect for kids who think their beginner ride-on toys are yesterday’s news but aren’t quite ready for balance bikes or pedal bikes. Plus, with blue, red, and pink,

Piki Piki Bike: A bike-trike hybrid for preschoolers


Piki Piki Bike in pink, blue or red: A cool upgrade from toddler ride-on toys

Piki Piki Tricycle for kids is a fantastic step up from toddler ride-on toys

The makers of the Piki Piki recommend it for for 18mo all the way up to 5-year-olds (or 70 lbs) but I personally can’t imagine a scooter-loving preschooler getting much joy out of this beyond goofing around in the playroom.

Best of all, there is zero assembly required. It’s ready to ride straight out of the box, which is something I think any parent of an impatient child–oh wait, isn’t that all of us?–would appreciate.

The Piki Piki tricycle is $89.95 From Gallo and Spence Toys, or find it at a discount with free Prime shipping from our affiliate Amazon.