If my preschooler had his druthers, all of his shirts would be emblazoned with construction vehicles or superheroes. Luckily, he doesn’t have 100% control over his wardrobe, which means I can introduce fun¬†prints and patterns. And this season, I’m all about pineapples.

Yes,¬†the tropical fruit is trending in kids’ fashion, giving everything from socks to dresses to denim shorts a relaxed beachy vibe. Since summer break is still weeks away, what kid couldn’t use a little vacation inspiration right now? Here are a few fun pieces that I’m really liking for kids.

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The adorable¬†pineapple girls tank dress above from Etsy shop Naftulily is a top pick¬†of mine for young girls. I love how it’s styled with Birkenstocks in the¬†photos, but the dress (available only in size 3-6.5 years) could be worn with anything — sneakers, jelly shoes, or flip flops.


Pineapple print pants for kids by Yay for Handmade on Etsy

These organic cotton baby pineapple leggings by Yay for Handmade just scream summer to me.¬†Cut roomier in the hips, they fit perfectly over diapered bums, and their bright and cheerful pineapple print can work for baby boys or girls. I don’t know why but the fact that they’re unisex makes me like them even more.


Girls pineapple romper and boys pineapple shirt by Appaman

Now, I don’t think siblings need to be dressed similarly, but Appaman is giving you a choice for both boys and girls with their¬†vintage-inspired,¬†soft-wash chambray¬†pineapple romper and pineapple shirt.¬†¬†As always, Appaman is the¬†epitome of cool and laid-back kid style.

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Egg by Susan Lazar pineapple print baby romper

It’s adorable baby rompers like this one from Egg by Susan Lazar that make me wish I had a daughter to dress up. With ruffle sleeves and side ties, this pink-on-pink pineapple print baby romper is almost too cute for words.

Pineapple baby onesie by Hugo Loves Tiki

No, this organic¬†pineapple baby onesie¬†from Hugo Loves Tiki is not misspelled. Ananas¬†is the name of the plant genus that includes the plant species Ananas Comosus, or the pineapple’s scientific name. It also happens to be the word for pineapple in dozens of¬†other languages.¬†And now you know how to respond to all of the questions you’ll receive when your baby is wearing this¬†attention-grabbing onesie.


Pineapple Party rain boots for kids by Western Chief

When a motif is being printed on rain boots, you know you have a trend on your hands. Or rather, on your feet. These Pineapple Party kids rain boots by Western Chief combine ananas and flowers for a legit tropical fiesta.

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Old Navy pineapple print denim shorts for girls

These girls’ cut-off denim shorts with a pineapple print¬†at Old Navy are a simple way¬†to¬†add tropical flair to your tween’s wardrobe while¬†keeping it neutral. And this mom says, I like that they’re not too short.

Boys pineapple print swim trunks by Tucker and Tate

Pineapples and bathing suits go together like Hawaii and beaches. (Though, now that I think of it, all four of those things actually go together.) These boy’s pineapple swim trunks by Tucker + Tate¬†feature a tonal print that’s fun without being too cutesy.

Paul Smith pineapple dress on Zappos

So this Paul Smith pineapple dress for girls¬†at Zappos is for those of you who splurge on kids’ clothes — a lot — and is proof that the tropical fruit¬†really is hitting the big time with that cool gold foil pineapple motif.¬†Of course¬†it’s the kind of high-quality garment that can be passed down between sisters, cousins, or really, really nice friends.

Pineapple print socks for boys from Brooks Brothers

These Brooks Brothers socks look like dress socks to me, but I can’t imagine any boy would want to hide those¬†awesome sunglasses-wearing pineapples underneath¬†their pants. They’re the easiest way to add a pop of color and fun to even the most conservative outfit.

Glitter pineapple purse from J.Crew

For the kid who prefers sparkle¬†to sand, J.Crew offers this glitter-coated canvas pineapple purse that’s perfect for parties. Or, you know, just wearing around the house on a random Saturday morning as plenty of girls like¬†to do. The grosgrain ribbon strap is a sweet detail.


Courtney Courtney pineapple silkscreen upcycled dress on EtsyLiz¬†and Kristen have raved about Courtney Courtney’s upcycled dresses¬†for ages, and¬†this Blue Hawaii¬†dress has won me over, too. The pineapple silkscreen is her own design, and the twirly patchwork skirt is made from a variety of soft recycled t-shirts. The catch is that each upcycled dress is a one-of-a-kind, so if this particular style is sold out, check her main page for new listings. I’m sure new Pineapples will appear all year.