With three vehicle-loving children, there was a time when I feared my living room would be overrun with sections of train tracks and makeshift “roads” built out of blocks. I wish I had known about InRoad Toys; clever  play tape road rolls which turns any flat surface into a road or train track without creating an obstacles should you need to walk from one side of the room to another. Plus, it’s just fantastic for summer travel.

The self-adhesive paper tape road rolls makes it so easy for kids to roll out and stick to a hardwood floor, coffee table, flat-pile carpet, bookshelf —  really anything flat surface.

But no kids, that doesn’t include the front of the flat screen TV.

With road tape colors in black, red, purple, blue, and orange, as well as, railroad and trolley track tapes, there are enough tape road roll options for an entire fleet of vehicles to go rollin’, rollin’, rollin’ through your house.

InRoad Toys road tape for kids

InRoad Toys railroad play tape for kids


InRoad Toys purple road tape for kids


Yes, you could make your own, intrepid crafters. But know that unlike duct tape, this non-toxic and recyclable paper tape is easy for little hands to tear to size without needing scissors. It can also be lifted up and repositioned without damaging your floors should your kids decide to create a detour or just want to move rooms.

Also think of it as a super easy toy to pack and bring with you on vacation should your kids want to play with their toy cars or trains in the hotel room or beach rental. Because if there’s anything a road should be able to do, it’s travel.

You’ll find different tape colors and styles of road, railroad, and trolley track tapes at InRoad Toys. The classic road and train tapes are also available at The Grommet.