When you’re going through the pain of cutting teeth and the indignity of drool everywhere, you deserve a little reward, don’t you think? Of course, there’s no more appropriate gift for your teething six-month-old than a designer handbag. As long as it’s this Chanel handbag wooden baby teether spotted at Fig & Fawn, made by NYC-based LexyPexy.

From designer bags to the perfect French croissant, there isn’t a LexyPexy wooden teether that doesn’t make me smile. They are all so fun and clever; they’ve moved straight to the top of my list for go-to baby shower gifts this summer. And maybe they will keep your baby from chewing on your own bag, which is especially important if you happen to be toting your own Celine.

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Eco-friendly wooden Celine handbag teether from LexyPexyEco-friendly wooden designer handbag teether from LexyPexy

Eco-friendly wooden croissant teether


Eco-friendly wooden race car teether from LexyPexy

Eco-friendly wooden Wayfarer sunglasses baby teether

Eco-chic wooden teethers from LexyPexy | Photo Mrs_Pound on Instagram

I like that these wooden teethers are eco-friendly, made from maple that is naturally non-toxic, non-allergenic, antibacterial, non-splintering — and most importantly, they are so chic. I mean, heaven forbid a baby is caught out there with a knock-off LexyPexy Chanel bag teether? The indignity.

We discovered these teethers at the adorable Fig and Fawn online shop, which has a great selection of kids clothes and toys from designers around the world. But you can shop their complete collection at the LexyPexy website.https://www.figandfawn.com/play/lexypexy-the-ava

Top photo: @FrankieZara on Instagram; bottom photo @mrs_pounds, both via @LexyPexyEcoChic