It’s that time of year when we dig deep, get picky, and track down funny Father’s Day cards that really do make us laugh. And hey, that’s harder than it looks! I don’t know about you, but when I think of my dad, I don’t think about mowing the lawn, hogging the remote, or sitting around drinking beer. Let alone golf. I’m sure there are some dads like that, but that doesn’t explain why they are the subject of 99% of the so-called funny Father’s Day cards out there.

Just know that some our our funny Father’s Day card ideas are for your dad, some are for a cool grandpa or father-in-law, and some are for the father of your children. Be sure not to confuse which is which. Because, weird. And if you want them, order soon!

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Funny Father's Day cards: Thanks for still loving me at Cheeky Kumquat

Thanks for still loving me Father’s Day Card ($4.00, Cheeky Kumquat)
What a perfect card for a new dad. From uh, a new mom wearing some interesting new bras these days.

Funny Father's Day cards: As you suspected by Bettie Confetti

As you suspected Father’s Day Card ($4.38, Bettie Confetti)
Dammit. It’s true, isn’t it.

Funny Father's Day cards: Not the Worst at Wit and Whistle

Not the Worst Father Card ($4.50, Wit and Whistle)
What would Father’s Day be without a Vader reference?

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Funny Father's Day cards: Life before kids at Spade Stationery

Life before Kids Father’s Day Card ($4.00, Spade Stationery)
Aw, we kid, Kind of.


Funny Father's Day cards: All-knowing at Seriously Shannon

All-knowing dad Father’s Day Card ($4.50, Seriously Shannon)
It’s the little things, isn’t it?

Funny Father's Day cards: Without You at Catch 22 Cards

Without You Father’s Day Card ($4.95, Catch 22 Cards)
Well, it would suck for you. You can’t necessarily speak for him.


Baby Times Father’s Day Card ($4.17, Tense and Urgent)
Now that is a thing to celebrate.

Funny Father's Day cards: Jaime Lannister Card at Everyburg Design

Jaime Lannister Father’s Day Card ($3.00, Everburg Design Studio)
Yes, we went there. And we would again.

Funny Father's Day cards: Stepdad card at Cheeky Kumquat

Stepdad Father’s Day Card ($4.00, Cheeky Kumquat)
Because stepfathers need love too. And humor.

Funny Father's Day cards: You're the Boss at Diamond Donatello

You’re the Boss Father’s Day Card ($7.41, Diamond Donatello)
Whether he gets the reference or not.

Funny Father's Day cards: Dad Text at Nocturnal Paper

Dad text Father’s Day Card ($4.00, Nocturnal Paper)
Don’t you love how lame dad jokes are just delivered so much quicker and easier these days? Thanks technology!

Funny Father's Day cards: Loin Fruit at Wit and Whistle

Loin Fruit Father’s Day Card ($4.50, Wit and Whistle)
Well when you put it that way…


Funny Father's Day cards: Doing that thing with mom at Cheeky Kumquat

Doing that thing with mom Father’s Day Card ($4.00, Cheeky Kumquat)
There are a lot of sex joke Father’s Day cards out there and this might be the closest we can get without cringing. Now clear your mind, and think of other things.


Funny Father's Day cards: Maury Povich at Seas and Peas

Maury Povich Father’s Day Card ($4.25, Seas and Peas)
Yep, still funny.

Funny Father's Day cards: Embarrassing Parent on Facebook at Bettie Confetti

Embarrassing Parent Father’s Day Card ($4.38, Bettie Confetti)
Please have a mom with a sense of humor for this one.

Funny Father's Day cards: Bacon at Sad Shop

Bacon Card ($5.00, Sad Shop)
For the man of few words.

Funny Father's Day cards: Father-in law card at LeSentiments

Father-in law card ($3.99, LeSentiments)
One for the inherited dad figures in our lives.

Funny Father's Day cards: Kanye card at Pablo Panda

Kanye card ($5.98, Pablo Panda)
Yes, but do you love him more than Kanye loves Kanye?

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Funny Ron Swanson advice cards for Father's Day by Danielle Robins

Ron Swanson advice Father’s Day Cards ($3.00, instant download Danielle Robbins)
Here are just two from the fun collection of cards featuring advice from Ron Swanson, and maybe your own dad. Actually, have you ever seen the two of them in the same place at once?

Funny Father's Day cards: IKEA furniture at R Born and Raised

IKEA furniture Father’s Day Card ($3.00, R Born and Raised)
The true sign of an involved parent for our generation.

Funny Father's Day cards: Dad Bod at Seriously Shannon

Dad Bod Father’s Day Card ($4.50, Seriously Shannon)
What is this Dad Bod thing and why is it suddenly cool? We don’t know either. But, uh, we’re glad men are embracing their bodies and finally developing strong self-esteem? Or something.

Funny Father's Day cards: Bad Dad Jokes at Alta Rose Designs

Bad Dad Jokes Father’s Day Card ($4.50, Alta Rose Designs)
IF he doesn’t already know these, now he can add them to his repertoire. Actually, so can we — there are some good ones here!

Funny Father's Day cards: I Love You at Jessica Ferguson Art

I love you Father’s Day Card ($4.50, Jessica Ferguson Art)
And this is why we always tell you guys to get gifts, too.

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Funny Father's Day cards: On Fleek at The Messinger

On Fleek Father’s Day card ($5.10, The Messinger)
The definitive card of 2015.