Hooray!¬†You have a baby on the way and pretty soon¬†your¬†nesting instinct is going to kick into hyperdrive. If you’re like me, you excitedly clear out the spare room eager to start decorating for the new bundle and then…you hit a wall. Between lack¬†of time and feeling stressed out¬†by all the options¬†out there (not to mention nightmares about Pinterest fails), I get it. Which is why I’m so happy to share my new online interior design service find,¬†Havenly.¬†Just for the rest of you who may be in¬†redecorating mode.

Havenly is¬†all about helping busy — or simply overwhelmed — people decorate with as little stress as possible. I love the¬†idea that with minimal¬†work on your end, you could have a¬†finished nursery, or any room really, within just a few weeks.

Havenly’s approach to design is¬†pretty simple. Once you pay a¬†flat consulting fee of $185 it’s a short step by step process to get you to your dream room, which in¬†this case, is my dream¬†nursery. You start with a¬†personal call with a consultant so you can share all your needs and wants, then browse their online¬†portfolio of room images¬†for inspiration. Send along your own room dimensions and photos, along with¬†your total redecorating¬†budget, and now it’s in your designer’s hands.

When your pro¬†comes back to you¬†to¬†share a¬†creative concept you can veto, or tweak it¬†to¬†zero in on your style. You get up to three rounds of back-and-forths so if you’re the super indecisive type, or you’re Sally Allbright and you want the pie heated and the ice cream on the side and strawberry instead of vanilla unless there’s whipped cream but not from a can — just know this may not be for you.

Or maybe, it’s perfect for you, since¬†you can’t go on forever; it may even force you to commit and cross one huge thing off your to-do list.


Havenly online design consultants: Really affordable way to enlist a pro with home redecorating projects

I also like that you can shop for the pieces in your concept room¬†directly through their site, and that¬†$50 from your upfront service fee is credited¬†towards those¬†purchases.¬†Plus, they offer price-matching so you’re not getting bilked by buying right from them.

I suppose the drawback is that they are likely pulling from a limited selection of stores and products, so the options aren’t as¬†endless as the internet itself. Then again, that’s the whole reason you probably want to work with them.

Personally,¬†I obsessed our crib bedding¬†alone for¬†months, so for just under¬†$200 I can easily see how a service like this¬†will be¬†a massive time and stress saver for tons of new parents.¬†Plus the idea of letting someone else¬†do the leg work while putting my¬†tired (and¬†swollen) feet up doesn’t hurt either. Especially while taking a bit off the¬†¬†“OMG, the baby is going to be here soon” to-do list.

Visit the Havenly online home decorating service where you can get  free consultation to see if it feels like a fit for you. You can also give the service as a gift, if you have a friend who is pulling out her hair trying to set up the nursery.