I love camping with my kids. Okay, scratch that. I love the¬†idea¬†of camping with my kids. But sleeping on the ground — not so much.¬†So when I stumbled onto¬†Tentsile tents¬†on the web, I kind of geeked out. I cannot wait to try out one of these tents that is¬†strung from trees, just like a hammock-treehouse hybrid, so the whole family can sleep together — without roots and rocks (and snakes) under our sleeping bags.

Also, they look pretty freaking cool.

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Tentsile¬†tents use tensile strength (get it?) to suspend you in the air while you camp, which means you can set it up¬†in places you could never put a tent,¬†like over a river. Which we do¬†not¬†recommend if you’re camping with kids. But uh, maybe that could¬†make for a memorable¬†date night if you’re the adventurous, outdoorsy type?

Or it would be a fantastic gift for a returning college student who isn’t shy about rugged weekends off campus with friends, or an alternative to building an entire treehouse in the backyard for the kids.

Of course, you don’t have to set up these¬†tents up nearly as high as they do in the¬†photos — it¬†looks really amazing, but would terrify me as a mom. Or even not as a mom, just as a person¬†who doesn’t like heights.¬†But getting off the ground for a more comfortable night’s sleep on a camping trip¬†is really appealing. Plus, I can’t stop gawking at all these photos.

For an adventurous date night, go camping over a river in a Tentsile tent.

Keep the sand off your feet at the beach with a Trillium Hammock from Tentsile.

The Trillium Hammock by Tentsile gets you up off the ground at your campsite.

Sleep in the trees with a Tentsile tent. So cool.

Here’s the thing though: these tents are pricey. If you just want something to¬†set up at the beach to keep the sand off your feet, or in the woods so you have a comfy place to sit at your campsite, Tentsile Trillium Hammock is more your speed and definitely more affordable.

You can find all of the Tentsile tents and accessories — even a cup holder — at their website. They’ll plant 3 trees for every tent you buy.¬†Because they love trees, which is kind of obvious.¬†