Who doesn’t need more coloring books in their lives? Well, okay, if you look in my kids’ craft drawer, maybe we¬†don’t. But, we do need awesome ones. The cheap, thin, licensed ones can get tossed and we’ll replace them with cool, creative coloring books that the whole family can sit around the table and color while we eat our snacks after school.

Because, don’t you have the best conversations while you’re sitting around the table coloring?

Right now we’re loving this cool little tablet of doodles¬†that your kids can tear off and color in. It’s created by the fun and talented¬†Laura Palmer of XO-LP, and we kind of can’t get enough of her simple drawings that are full of personality.¬†Also, I¬†love her¬†idea for using these pages as stationery once your kids have colored them. Adorable.

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Sporty much? Color all the sports equipment you want with XO-LP's coloring book tablet. Go team!

We love ice cream, and we love the XO-LP coloring book's ice cream page. Yum.

No, there’s no Dora or Rainbow Dash here, but I’ve¬†found that my¬†kids get so much more creative (and relaxed) when they get to decide¬†what the images look like, and¬†even to tell the¬†stories behind them.¬†Because it’s really hard to find the orange crayon that matches Dora’s pants¬†exactly.

You can find Laura Palmer’s XO-LP Coloring Book Vol. 1 at her website.¬†Her lunch box love notes are pretty perfect for back to school too. Check them out.¬†