While kids may not be able to bring that 647 piece LEGO x to school, it’s not to say they can’t bring bricks along in the form of a cool LEGO backpack or bag. There are quite a few neat ones to choose from this year for back to school — and even a few vintage ones you can still track down if you’re a good searcher. But we’ve done the legwork for you.

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The Officially Licensed Stuff

Cool LEGO backpacks and bags for back to school

LEGO Future Backpack Ninjago $27.99, Amazon
LEGO cinch buckets  $40, ebags
LEGO skeleton backpack and lunch bag set $41.64, Amazon
LEGO vintage spaceman backpack  $25, Amazon

This is what I think is the best of the current crop of LEGO backpacks and bags – cool, classic designs (love the vintage spaceman so much!), strong primary colors, and solid bag construction. Unfortunately LEGO is a little weaker in the pink and purple and turquoise department, for our kids who like both LEGO and bright colors.

We also can’t find a really cool LEGO Friends backpack that meets my standards. How about replacing the Ninjago dude with Andrea’s eyes peering through? Now that would rock.

Oh, and my girls are putting in a big request for something with Unikitty.  For the record.


The Collector’s Editions

LEGO pink brick backpack is discontinued but still available

LEGO Pink Brick Backpack ($74.99, Amazon)
Now a collectors item, this fantastic bag was released in 2007 and no longer sold in the US. Unless you fork over money to Japanese resellers on Amazon which might be worth it…if it’s for you and maybe not your kids. How great is this design? Also in yellow and blue.

LEGO minifig lunchbox with 3D FX

LEGO Minifig 3D FX Lunch boxes ($67.99, Amazon)
Another cool but discontinued choice, however you can find one like we did on Amazon. This is so awesome, it totally needs a comeback. 3D you guys! And 2013 happened to be a very good year for minifigs.

The Artful Interpretation

LEGO canvas backpack hand painted in Van Gogh style

Personalized Van Gogh style LEGO art print backpack  ($22.15, Squashed Tomato Prints)
This very cool artist interpretation of LEGO just highlights everything that’s cool about the brick design. It ships from the UK but the price isn’t bad and it can be personalized. Nice size and style for uniforms or an overnight change of clothes.

The Outrageously Cool

Custom pixel art backpacks using LEGO to create your favorite character

LEGO character backpacks custom made with your favorite character

Custom Star War Yoda backpack made from LEGO bricks at Pixel Art

Personalized Pixel backpack made of LEGOs ($63+ from The Pixel Bar)
Totally blown away by this UK artist who creates backpacks featuring pixel-style character portraits from Star Wars, Minecraft, Disney and more, all using bricks as the medium of choice. Fan art at its very coolest. Your kids can even put together their own; though I can’t say just how each of those little bricks stay put. Kragl perhaps?