We imagine that nothing makes a teacher happier than seeing their students light up about a subject, ready to learn more. Whether you’ve got a number lover, a big reader, a mini scientist, or an artist-in-residence — or maybe a mix of all of the above — you need to check out these adorable, brand new smart tees for kids from CMP favorite Brooklyn Makers.

Not only do they feature messages we can get behind, but a significant portion of the sales will help disadvantaged school districts so that all kids get the chance to discover their favorite subjects.

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The Elementary Project t-shirts
were initially conceived by Brooklyn Makers founder Teresa Lagerman’s seven-year-old son, who was doodling about his favorite subject one afternoon. Taking his concept to Brooklyn design studio mimoYmima, they helped develop the whimsical hand-drawn designs that became the series of smart t-shirts celebrating four of our kids’ favorite subjects.

Whether your kids think Math Rules, Science Rocks, Reading Inspires, or Art Imagines, each comfy, hand screenprinted cotton shirt makes it easy for your kids to celebrate their smarts right along with their style. Our only complaint: More sizes please! They come in 6-10, we bet a few preschoolers and middle schoolers would love sporting these messages too.

Math Rules tee from Brooklyn Makers: 50% donated to Donors Choose to support classrooms in need

Art Imagines tee shirt from The Elementary Project by Brooklyn Makers: 50% of sales donated to Donors Choose

Reading Inspires tee from Brooklyn Makers: 50% of sales are donated to Donors Choose

The Elementary Project by Brooklyn Makers: 4 smart t-shirts for kids, with 50% of proceeds supporting Donors Choose
I also love that Brooklyn Makers is donating 50% of all profits from the sales of these shirts to Donors Choose, one of our favorite charities that helps so many teachers and classrooms bridge the gap created by lack of educational funding in public schools.

So yeah, I think that The Elementary Project rocks, rules, inspires, and lets us imagine a time when all kids will get a great education, no matter where they live.

The Elementary Project’s smart tee shirts for kids are available for $26 at Brooklyn Makers with 50% of the purchase price supporting Donors Choose. Order now: They start shipping 9/9/15!