Since birth announcements no longer really need to “announce” anything — Facebook seems to be taking care of that these days, right? — we love when we find something really fun and unique to commemorate your baby’s appearance into the world. Which is why we’re pretty sure that anyone who receives one of these custom birth announcements from artist Todd Borka, will be absolutely thrilled.

You might recognize his work from the custom portrait pendants that were a favorite of ours this past holiday. And now he’s putting those great illustration skills to work in a whole new way. Send him a simple, uncluttered digital photo of your baby, along with some hints about your family’s hobbies or your dreams for your baby, however realistic. Or not. Any interest at all can give Todd an idea that he can then sketch around your photo for what may in fact be up there as one of the cutest birth announcements we’ve seen.

We can’t decide which one we love the most!

Todd Borka makes the cutest custom illustrated baby birth announcements, and it's so affordable!

Cutest birth announcements! Todd Borka  custom illustrates your baby pictures for original digital announcements

Todd Borka takes your baby photo and illustrates it to create the cutest custom birth announcements

While “custom artwork” usually equals “very expensive,” Todd’s work is extremely  reasonable at only $35 per illustration. Fantastic when you consider that no two will ever look exactly the same.

So start thinking about whether you hope that little guy or gal grows up to cook, to surf, to sing karaoke, to build rockets, to eat kale, to travel the world, or simply to root for your college basketball team. Or maybe you already have some inside joke about the little gymnast or soccer star who was practicing on the inside of your belly for a good five months.  Send the idea off to Todd and he’ll send back a high-resolution JPG file so that you can distribute your announcements however you see fit.

Yes, even on Facebook.

Find the fantastic custom birth announcements from artist Todd Borka featuring original illustrations over your favorite baby photo.