When we first discovered Tree Change dolls, our readers went wild and with good reason — mom Sonja Singh is taking one of the most polarizing children’s toys (Bratz) and refashioning them into some of the most beloved children’s toys (wholesome little girl dolls).

So now we’re so excited to see that artist Wendy Tsao has found inspiration in Sonja’s own work, and credited her as the impetus for her Mighty Dolls project, an art project in which she upcycles the same Bratz dolls, turning them into a powerful and diverse collection of female role models.

Take a look at her site and you’ll recognize author JK Rowling, Nobel Prize Laureate and education crusader Malala Yousafzai, primatologist Jane Goodall, astronaut Roberta Bondar, and social activist Waris Dirie. She’s asking for ideas on her blog for more inspirational real women, so send them on in!

If it were up to my girls, they would probably want to see Sacajawea, Frida Kahlo and their grandmother. Personally I’d love a Maya Angelou, a Dorothy Parker and a Fran Lebowitz, whom I bet would all look fantastic.

Malala Doll created from upcycled Bratz doll | artist Wendy Tsao, inspired by Tree Change Dolls

Bratz doll upcycled into Astronaut Roberta Bondar | Wendy Tsao

Bratz dolls upcycled as famous female role models like Waris Dirie | Wendy Tsao

Bratz dolls upcycled into famous female role models | Wendy Tsao, inspired by Sonja Singh

Bratz doll upcycled into a Jane Goodall doll | by Wendy Tsao

I do really hope that Wendy Tsao and Sonja Singh find a way to collaborate commercially, because Sonja’s original idea is just so powerful and smart. I mean, look at what a difference it makes just to remove the heavy makeup, false eyelashes, overplucked brows, plumping lip injections (ew) and provocative wardrobe of the original dolls.

So I guess I stand corrected on previous statements I’ve made about Bratz; they do have some value after all.

Please visit Wendy Tsao‘s site to support and explore her wonderful Mighty Dolls project. And if you want to order your own original Tree Change dolls, find info here.

h/t Huffington Post via Alpha Mom