Thanks to a lovely iTunes review who told us she’d have us as guests at her famous person dinner, on this week’s episode of SPAWNED with Kristen and Liz, we were inspired to chat about who we’d have at our own! Bradley Cooper, Hillary Clinton… you’ll just have to listen to see who we’d love to have sitting across from us, or next to us super, super close. Ha.

Then, Liz shares her super helpful tips and tricks for getting kids started on email. Wow, so many things to think about and a great discussion whether you’ve got email-age kids or not. Plus, our cool picks of the week.

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Links from SPAWNED Episode 19

– Here’s a link to our Spawned iTunes subscribe page where you can see Mama in Montana’s lovely review that sparked our whole conversation about who we’d have at our famous person dinner party.

– 11 essential things to teach your kids before they get their first email account. Part two coming soon!

Liz’s Cool Pick of the Week: Delilah cosmetics, plus a special discount code if you want to try them for yourself.


Kristen's new favorite leggings: The BCBG Mason Stretch Leggings

Kristen’s Cool Pick of the Week: BCBG Mason black stretch leggings, with Kristen modeling them. Haha, just kidding.


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(Reply all is scary card via SadShop on Etsy)