Since you guys had such strong opinions about handwritten thank-you notes on our Facebook page last week, we decided that we needed to tackle the topic on today’s episode of SPAWNED with Kristen and Liz. Is a text or email message okay or completely unacceptable? And when did we start sending thank-you notes for baby gifts from the baby?

Plus, our tips for not eating all the Halloween candy before it’s Halloween (please tell us we’re not the only ones), and our cool picks of the week that had us cry-laughing in the podcast booth.

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(Thank You Card pictured at top via SpicyCards on Etsy)


Links from SPAWNED Episode 20

Thalia and Sage's Halloween Candy Quiz 2015

– Take Liz’s daughters’ annual Totally Random Favorite Halloween Candy Poll: What’s your favorite? (You can tweet us #SpawnedShow and Liz will add it to her front door!)

– On our Facebook page, we posted this piece from Slate on thank-you note etiquette, and wow, there were lots of opinions about whether thank-you notes must be handwritten.

– Here’s the piece we found on Emily Post about handwritten thank-you notes versus digital ones, which we had a lot to say about.

– On the flip side, thank-you notes can be seen as outdated in the business world.

– Here are some of our favorite ways to send digital thank-you notes that we mentioned: Red Stamp, Paperless Post, and Postable.

– If you’re still firm in the “handwritten notes” camp, we like the idea of ordering personalized thank-you notes for kids, like the ones at Minted or Paper Culture.

-Here are lots of ways to get kids to practice handwriting, in addition to thank you notes.

Necklace from Erica Rosenfeld Designs

Liz’s Cool Pick of the Week: Artist Erica Rosenfeld’s one of a kind glass jewelry (above).

Kristen’s Cool Pick of the Week: Shittens. But more specifically, the reviews of Shittens on Amazon. These will make your day, promise.


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