When I was a kid at summer camp, mail time was always one of the best parts of my days. And I’d imagine now, a time when hardly any of us get actual personal snail mail at all, camp mail is an even more exciting ritual. So we’ve got some cool ideas to help arm your campers with some awesome camp stationery for kids, so they can write you about everything they’re enjoying — and everything they’re missing from home). Because the only thing better than letters from home while you’re at camp, are letters from camp when you’re the parent back home.

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I love these illustrated Miss You cards from Small Adventure (at top). They capture that vintage camp vibe so beautifully, and have plenty of room for your kids to write you a little-bit-homesick note. Or for you to write them a have-so-much-fun-I-love-you-tons note.


best camp stationery for kids | Hello Muddah, by Jack and Ella Paper on Etsy

If your kid is spending the summer at Camp Granada — or any summer camp, really — load them up with these kitschy Hello Muddah, Hello Faddah camp postcards from Jack and Ella Paper before they go. Not that kids will get it really, but you will. Or hey, play them the classic Alan Sherman song before they go just for fun. And yes, the song is stuck in my head too now.


best camp stationery for kids | the DIY camp cards kit from Maker Crate

if your kids haven’t left for camp yet, let them create their own stationery while they count down the days with this cool DIY camp stationery kit from Maker Crate. Fingers crossed, they’ll be more inspired to write home on cards they actually made.

best camp stationery for kids | printable texting cards from Design is Yay

Most summer camps are tech-free, as in no devices at all. So if your kids are having withdrawal symptoms from leaving their phones behind, they will enjoy sending messages to their friends on these adorable free printable phone note cards for kids from Design is Yay. So much fun.


best camp stationery for kids | Adventure is Calling notepad and journal from Paper Thin Studio

If you have a kid who really, really loves to write (there are a few out there!), you’ll love this camping notepad from Paper Thin Studios with 50 full sheets of paper. It comes with a companion Adventure is Calling journal ready to be filled with addresses of friends and family, or use it as a record of favorite camp memories.

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Personalized thought bubble stationery for kids: Perfect for campers
Liz’s youngest daughter had this personalized camp stationery from Paper Culture last year, and considering she’s not a big writer, she did very well with it! The smaller talk bubble probably seemed less intimidating than a giant lined page. And now, they’re all 20% off.


Personalized camp stationery for kids from Minted

If you want to splurge a bit, this personalized camp stationery from Minted is adorable. The price goes down with higher quantities, so if your kid is in love with this style, maybe you can make a deal about how many letters will need to be written to every grandparent over the summer.


best camp stationery for kids | custom camp cards from Love Knotes

These custom camp cards from Love Knotes are so cool — you can personalize them with your camp’s location. They’re a great keepsake to help them remember in later years just where they were when they wrote you about the overnight camping trip, or the time they won the s’mores eating contest.

best camp stationery for kids | Summer Camp cards from Scout's Honor Paper

Beautifully designed camp cards from Scouts Honor PaperIf you love great design and want to keep it simple we all really like the collection of Summer Camp cards from Scout’s Honor Paper. They’re great for both boys and girls, and you can order by the box or individually — should you have that kid who will send you a single note saying “I’m fine,” if you’re lucky.


best camp stationery for kids | Custom Teepee cards from Boland Design Paper Co.

You can personalize these fun teepee camp notecards from Boland Design Paper Co. with your child’s name and even your camp’s colors. I think letting them help choose the colors is a good way to get first time campers less anxious about heading off on their exciting adventure.

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best camp stationery for kids | Friends Forever cards by Printerette Press

Since you can’t forget your school friends or the friends you make at camp either, these awesome friendship bracelet cards by Printerette Press are perfect for older kids who want to keep in touch with friends, not just family. If there are any left, you can use them to keep up with the friends you met at camp over the summer. Letter writing is still alive! Or, maybe we can help keep it that way.