First, you have to laugh at a shop called Wool and the Gang. (Take a sec…okay, there you go.) But when you look at their amazing selection of hand-knit accessories, and the knitting patterns you can buy, it turns out it’s a massive resource for hip, cheeky accessories that can update your wardrobe for winter. While they have all kinds of scarves, sweaters, and other goodies for men, women, and kids, I’ve mainly got my eye on the funky hand-knit hats to help me beat the winter chill with a smile.

The thing that’s exceptionally cool about this company is that it was started by two London textile design students and friends as an antidote to fast fashion; every single item is made by a human being at home, not a robot on a factory production line. They use really high quality, sustainable yarns, and even work with fashion factories to repurpose their waste materials into new yarns.

Just reading their story and the massive global community they’ve created almost makes me want to start knitting. But, I’ve tried that and…bad idea. (Really, ask my mom.) More power to those of you who can take these patterns and run with them.

Here are a few favorite styles at Wool and the Gang that I’m bookmarking for holiday gift consideration. Possibly giving…possibly receiving.


Hashtag beanie! Get the pattern to DIY or buy handmade at Wool and the Gang
Hashtags are the new black, so why not a black hashtag #beanie? It’s made of “100% crazy sexy wool,” and if that mean it comes from some sort of new breed of crazy sexy sheep, that would account for the high price.


Wool and the Gang handknit wool beanies with a sense of humor

Giles Mini Eek is just…you know, eyes. Pull it down over your head for a nap in public. Why not. This one is a hat for kids, but they make them for kids-at-heart, too.


Handknit wool heart beanie: Buy the hat or just the pattern to DIY at Wool and the Gang

The new baby alpaca Love Hearts baby hat (also at the top) is a design after my own heart. What a cute gift for a cool kid in your life, whether you buy it ready-knit or the patterns to DIY.

Bite Me Beanie: Handknit shark hat + pattern at Wool and the Gang

The Bite Me beanie for kids and babies makes every week shark week. How cute is this! I’ll be sad when my kids think they’re too old to wear hats with ears. (photo: natachacastonguay)


Smiling emoji happy face wool beanies at Wool and the Gang | Buy ready-made or diy with their patterns

Considering the smiling wool beanie looks like an emoji and can be made in any color at all, I imagine my kids would want one for every day of the week. It’s a “one size fits most” hat, but it is sized for women. Sorry kids.

Space Invaders 8-bit handknit wool hat at Wool and the Gang | can also DIY with their patterns and kits

The 8-bit beanie is a not-so-subtle nod to Space Invaders. Sadly, the ready-made version seems to be sold out right now, but you knitters are in luck; you can make your own and save some money while you’re at it. That just means more quarters for the arcade, whoo!

Tartan Lion Wool Knit beanie pattern at Wool and the Gang

For something more cool than kitschy, check out the Tartan Zion Lion knit beanie. The various color combos shown at Wool and the Gang are pretty great, whether you like yours earthy and subtle, or bright and poppy.


Wool and the Gangs handknit union jack wool hat: Awesome holiday gift you can DIY or buy ready made

Finally, the Anglophile in me loves the Union Jack on the Let it beanie hat. Ha, get it? Let it bea…nie? Okay, so I’m not sure if I like the actual hat more or the name of it, but considering you get both with one order, you don’t have to choose.

Visit Wool and the Gang for amazing hand-knit sweaters and accessories of all kinds, from ready-made items to patterns and knitting kits. And for you knitters of all levels, check out their video knitting tutorials  for inspiration and tips.